7 mini-series that can be watched per day

Mini-series are rapidly gaining popularity and the creators are trying to put the rich plot in several episodes as concisely as possible so that the viewer fully enjoys what is happening on the screen, but was not forced to wait another six months or more for the next season.
We have compiled for you the most fascinating mini-series that you literally want to watch in one sitting, because they hold attention and do not weaken the grip for a second. We look.

Patrick Melrose

Patrick Melrose | Season 1, 5 episodes | 2018 year

Patrick Melrose is a rich and successful person who, it would seem, has everything for a happy life. Nevertheless, he is prone to reflection, self-flagellation and self-destruction due to injuries that his father inflicted on him in childhood. Patrick, even becoming a grown man, could not uproot the past, and so he came to alcohol, drugs and debauchery.

Beauty inside

The Beauty Inside | Season 1, 6 episodes | year 2012

This is an easy and unusual series about Alex, a guy who does not have his own body. Every next day he spends in the body of another person. This deprives him of the opportunity to lead a normal lifestyle - to study, work, build long-term relationships with people. And Alex managed to get used to it, accept his essence and live in peace with her. But one day he meets a girl named Leah, which makes him feel something completely new and far from what he is used to ...


The Sinner | 2 seasons, 16 episodes | 2017 year

Cora Tannetti is a beloved wife and affectionate mother who once commits an impulsive murder on the beach in front of her family. Never before showing aggression, a completely healthy woman herself does not understand what happened, which she repeatedly repeats at numerous interrogations, but she does not deny her guilt. An experienced detective is taken up ...

She is Grace

Alias ​​Grace | Season 1, 6 episodes | 2017 year

Grace is an Irish who worked as a maid for a certain Thomas Tanner. When he was killed, all the evidence pointed to the girl, and she could not prove her innocence, because she did not even remember the events of that fateful day. For the murder, she had to sit in prison for ten whole years, after which she was released and turned to a certain doctor Simon, supposedly able to return her lost memories. What really happened? Is she really guilty or is all this terrible misunderstanding?

Bird song

Birdsong | Season 1, Series 2 | year 2012

Stefan and Isabelle fell in love with each other despite numerous adverse circumstances. War will soon shake the world, and the girl, moreover, is married. But who is able to withstand a sincere feeling and, importantly, explosive passion? In addition, this dizzying novel is the only thing that gave Stephen strength during the awesome military operations. He dreamed of his beloved and the future that could wait for them.

Hanging Rock Picnic

Picnic at hanging rock | Season 1, 6 episodes | 2018 year

Several girls from the boarding house disappear without a trace near the Hanging Rock, where the picnic took place. The search does not lead to any result, because of which rumors begin to circulate more often than before that this is a mystical place that engulfed the disappeared forever and this awaits not only them. Where is the truth?


You | 2 seasons, 20 episodes | 2018 year

Joe works in a bookstore, makes friends with a neighbor boy and makes a good impression. Ginevra is an aspiring writer who has certain problems in all areas of life. Once they meet and, of course, fall in love with each other. Then it becomes clear that Joe is a stalker who can find out anything about a girl and adjust everything so that she is in his arms as soon as possible ...

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