What to watch. 3 new series this spring

You can look forward to next Monday and with it a fresh series of "Game of Thrones." You can spoil on every corner with details from The Avengers. You can arrange yourself a detox and for several months generally abandon TV shows and films. However, there is a better idea. If you are indifferent to the war of the seven kingdoms and the Marvel universe, but at the same time like to while away evenings watching something interesting, then keep our selection of fresh series. They just left and have not yet managed to become mainstream.

Miracle workers

Miracle workers

Easy and funny series about the wayward capricious God, played by the inimitable Steve Buscemi. There, above, a whole heavenly office works for him, more like a typical office with its technical support and HR service. Only instead of office plankton are angels. One day, God becomes depressed and decides that he no longer needs the Earth. Two of his subordinate angels have 14 days to convince their boss.

Watch for those who are calm about joking around with religion and just want to relax in front of the TV screen.



The series tells about the life of 30-year-old American Rami. On the one hand, he is a typical resident of the United States. On the other hand, relatives greatly influence his life. Rami grew up in a family of immigrants who once moved from Egypt to New Jersey. And since childhood, he has been surrounded by a Muslim community, whose members adhere to clear religious rules. The whole series is the torment of Rami, his attempts to balance between a normal life, which is accepted in the USA, and that which was instilled in his family from an early age.

Watch for those who are at a crossroads and cannot find their place in this life. However, for those who have found, we also recommend viewing.

M killer

M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder

Any series shot in Germany and Austria always attract attention. Too few of them. And the thriller "M Killer" is no exception. Once in a rich, calm Vienna, children begin to disappear without a trace. Everyone is involved in the investigation - from politicians to prostitutes and criminal authorities. All are saturated with fear for their own children.

Fans of thrillers, such as "Bridge", "Murder", "Fargo", "Real Detective" will like it.

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