Drawings on books by a Petersburg artist

The artist Ekaterina Panikanova creates multi-layer paintings on the pages of old books, abstracts and textbooks. Catherine’s masterpieces blur the boundaries between art forms such as painting, installation and collage.

Ekaterina Panikanova was born in St. Petersburg in 1975, graduated from the Hermitage Museum of Art School, now lives and works in Rome.

Today we will show you a series of works entitled Errata Corrige (translated as “Work on Errors”), where on the canvases of old yellowed textbooks and abstracts, Catherine recreates her most vivid childhood memories.

Artist Ekaterina Panikanova says: “In my works, I use mostly used books that I find in flea markets in St. Petersburg, Rome and other cities and countries I visit.

These are mainly old textbooks and notebooks, technical literature that has already served its purpose and often its fate is to become waste paper.

It is important for me that the book has already been read, in the hands of someone, such a book is an individuality, a portrait of its former owner (or owners).

Often on the margins there are signs, drawings, inscriptions, some lines are underlined. This is of interest to me.

Reading texts, looking at illustrations, I intuitively combine them into a kind of puzzle that serves as a background for the future image. "

Watch the video: Painting 3D ART oil paints of Master Class St-Petersburg (February 2020).