A bunny of average prosperity: as a public in 17 posts gathered 16,000 readers

Against the background of memes with the phrase of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which he accidentally dropped in the Crimea (there is no money, but you hold on, all the best), a simple public with a hare is gaining popularity on the social network VKontakte.

There are only 17 posts in the group, but almost under each of them - 4000-5000 likes. And the number of subscribers is more than 16 thousand. What did users of the social network “average hare” like so much?

He goes to Fix Price and buys “something cheaper”, looks at the window with tablets and thinks “maybe it will go away by itself”, stands at the kiosk and says - “there is not enough ruble”. It seems a little more, and the phrases of medium-hare bunnies run the risk of becoming winged.

Watch the video: DNC - Future Forum Detroit (February 2020).