20 new series that we saw in 2016


1st of January

Damien Lewis from Homeland and Paul Giamatti in a story somewhat similar to The Wolf of Wall Street. There is a charming and extremely lucky stock market trader (Lewis) and a star attorney (Giamatti), who is offered the mayor’s chair. At some point, the second will not be able to continue to ignore the suspicious successes of the first, and they will have to go on the warpath. The creators of the series were screenwriters of "Thirteen Ocean Friends" along with financial analyst at the New York Times.

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"Colony" (Colony)

USA Network
January 14th

Anti-utopia addressed to fans of "Under the Dome" and "Lost." Part of Los Angeles is separated from the world by a large wall and controlled by the military. Life in the colony, called the "transit zone", proceeds in the usual way - people go to work and study, and everything in general and nothing would be if it were not for the severe shortage of certain products and medicines that can only be found on the black market, curfew at night, every now and then disappearing people. The Bauman family, like the city, at first glance looks like a postcard prosperous: father, mother, a couple of kids and a dog. Only somewhere on the other side of the wall is another son, and the head of the family secretly from everyone is preparing to move there and return him. Along the way, the heroes will discover what forces are behind the creation of the colony.

Starring Josh Holloway from Lost and Sarah Wayne Collis from Jailbreak and The Walking Dead.

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"Street of Mercy" (Mercy Street)

January 17

Ridley Scott and the creator of Ambulance David Zebel issued a new medical drama. This time, events unfold during the North and South War in a hospital in Virginia. The script was based on real diaries and letters from doctors and nurses working there. In addition to the medical hardships of wartime, screenwriters focus on the problem of interracial relations.

The main (and one of the few white) heroine in the series is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Known for several episodes of Die Hard and Destination, the actress will soon be seen in the sequel to Monster.

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Legends of Tomorrow(Legends of Tomorrow)

The cw
January 21

Screen version of DC comics and spin-off series Strela and Flash. A certain whip from the future with a British accent and a Chop-Chop hairstyle is announced in America in 2016, where it quickly and for the most part forcibly cobbles together a team of people with unusual abilities - a kind of Fantastic Eight. Now they must help him prevent the enslavement of the whole world by a villain named Vandal Savage.

The film involves a number of actors from Flash and Arrows, and Brandon Routh, who plays the role of Atom here, once wore Superman's cloak in a full-length film adaptation.

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Basketball (Baskets)

January 21

Comedy pretending to be a drama. The Hangover star Zach Halifianakis plays Chip Basketz, a middle-aged man living the dream of a brilliant career as a professional clown. Wounded to the core by expulsion from the Paris Academy of Clowning (it did not work out because of complete lack of knowledge of French), he is forced to return to his native American town and get a penny clown in a rodeo, entertaining the audience with an amusing running around from the bulls in the ring, and simultaneously beg for money in debt to twin brother.

The problem with Basket is that he is just a shitty clown. As his wife tells him, "Chip, you look like a clown, but you are not a clown." And Chip continues to be sad, and to dream, and at every step to face a reality that is categorically unlike his fantasies. Sometimes it even begins to seem like a drama pretending to be a comedy.

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The X-Files

The 25th of January

The great team is once again gathering - in a new era, after September 11, Snowden and Obama. Worn out by life, but not giving up, Mulder and Scully reunite in order to help the beautiful girl Sveta, confident that she was repeatedly abducted and tormented by aliens. In the first series, in addition to the chiseled profile of Gillian Anderson and a few saggy full-face David Duchovny, you can see other native faces, such as Deputy Director Skinner and the Smoker.

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"Lucifer" (Lucifer)

The 25th of January

Supporting Hero in Neil Gaiman's Comics Sandman Lucifer Morningstar got his own series under the direction of the creator of Lascivious California. The prince of darkness is bored with hell, and he burns his endless life in modern Los Angeles. When a familiar beauty is killed with him, Lucifer takes himself to participate in the investigation. Which leads another beauty.

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The Magicians

The 25th of January

Young heroes fall into a mysterious educational institution, where they are taught not something, but magic. A kind of "Harry Potter" for adults: the heroes of this story are already 18, so in their relationship they go beyond timid kisses. The plot was based on the novel of the same name by Lev Grossman.

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WGN America
January 26th

For centuries, the Farrell clan has been living in the Appalachian mountains. Similar to the heroes of Mad Max, who are always ready to break loose, they drive around their neighborhoods on their SUVs, confident that everything around them belongs to them and spit on the law.

This is the third series filmed by WGN, and the eerie community in the American outback is again in the spotlight (the previous ones were Salem and Manhattan). One of the producers was actor Paul Giamatti.

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American Crime History(The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story)

February 2

The creators of the American Horror Story took up real things instead of fictional ones. Their new brainchild is a detective series about one of the noisiest criminal trials in history, the case of football player O. Jay Simpson, accused in 1995 of the murder of his ex-wife. Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. played by Simpson, AIU star Sarah Paulson - the main prosecutor, John Travolta and David Schwimmer - lawyers.

The series has not yet started, and its creators, by the way, have already taken up the second season. It will be dedicated to the cause of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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"Beasts." (Animals.)

February 5th

Intelligent satirical animated series on HBO. The main characters are urban animals, to which the authors gave the characters (and primarily flaws) of people. A kind of "asshole in the city", only with feathers and fur. To whom each of the four series is dedicated, one can already understand by the names: "Rats", "Pigeons", "Cats", "Dogs".

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The 14th of February

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are among the producers of the series about young musicians trying to break into the stars in the 1970s with all the consequences: sex, drugs, betrayals and rooftops. The first episode was directed by Scorsese himself. Cast many faces that we previously saw, including in Oscar-level films, as well as Mick Jagger's son.

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February, 15

JJ Abrams does not rest on the glory of the director of the latest Star Wars, but presents a new series - an adaptation of the recent bestseller Stephen King with star cast - from James Franco to Chris Cooper.

An English teacher (Franco) learns about the portal in the closet of the local diner, leading not somewhere, but in 1958. The hero matures a plan to return to the past to prevent the killing of Kennedy in 1963.

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"Love" (Love)

February 19th

The director and producer Judd Apatow is known for comedic blockbusters, from "40-year-old virgin" to "Girls without complexes", and TV shows, from "Freaks and Geeks" to "Girls". His new series is a comedy tragicomedy about how to meet and not screw up. In the main male role is the co-author of the script, comedian Paul Rast, in the female one, the beautiful Gillian Jacobs from "Community" and "Girls".

All ten episodes will be released in one day.

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The Real O'Neals

2nd of March

In 2010, journalist Dan Savage came up with the It Gets Better promotion as an encouragement to gay teenagers. There, celebrities - from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama - tell stories about moments in life when their hands fell and how things worked out later. In 2016, Savage suddenly appears as the author of the idea of ​​a comedy series. True, in principle, he does the same thing, he simply hits the problem from the other side.

O'Neill is a difficult family with a fool, and each of them - father, mother and three teenage children - has their own problems and secrets. Worst of all is the 16-year-old Kenny, who hides from everyone that he is gay. Finally. he decides to open, but this does not happen at the most opportune moment.

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"The Family" (The Family)

March, 3rd

Political, criminal and family drama with star cast. Claire Warren is a tough woman who has been working as mayor of her town for a year. The life of her and the whole family changes dramatically after her teenage son, abducted ten years ago, suddenly returns.

The creator of the series, Jenna Bans, is also a co-author and producer of Scandal and Anatomy of Passion. Starring three-time Oscar nominee Joan Allen, Rupert Graves, known as Lestrade from Sherlock, and Alison Pill from News Service.

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March 7th

A peculiar continuation of the classic horror movie "Omen" in 1976, 40 years later. The responsibility for the deed (and judging by the trailer, it may turn out to be that trashachina) is the former executive producer of The Walking Dead and Shield Glen Mazzara. According to the plot, Damien is now 30, he forgot his bloody childhood and became a military photographer. And then his true essence (and this, for a minute, the Antichrist) begins to tear out again.

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Wgn america
9th of March

For those who like “12 years of slavery”: another story about a group of black slaves planning an escape. They will have to overcome 600 miles to be free - their underground railroad should be their salvation. The creator of the series, Joe Pokaski, used to be involved in superhero stories (Fantastic Four, Heroes) - and his new characters also seem to need special qualities to achieve their goals.

Most of the heroes here are black, but, as expected, there are white bastards who kill and rape, and white heroes who help the fugitives.

One of the producers was musician John Legend, winner of last year's Oscar for the best song, as well as nine Grammy Awards. He wrote the music for the series.

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The Path

March 30

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, Michelle Monaghan from Real Detective and Hugh Dancy from Hannibal together in a new detective thriller with elements of eroticism and mysticism. Everything happens in a religious sect when one of the parishioners (Paul) suddenly faces a serious test of his faith.

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"War and Peace" (War & Peace)

Bbc one
January 3rd

Surprisingly, the cranberry-free adaptation of Russian classics, shot with sensitivity and an impressive budget. And the plot of Tolstoy is still exciting.

The creator of the series, Andrew Davis, has extensive experience in creating television classics as a screenwriter - he has dozens of successful projects, from the Pride and Prejudice of 1995 to the House of Cards. A number of international stars are involved in the six-part film adaptation of War and Peace: Paul Dano plays Pierre Bezukhov, Gillian Anderson - Anna Pavlovna Scherer, Jim Broadbent - Bolkonsky Sr.

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