5 horror series that are better not to watch alone

Horror is your favorite cinema genre? Do you like when a chill runs down your back from what is happening on the screen and wet sweat appears on your forehead? Dragon mother, Dr. House, and that same Baker Street guy is clearly not on your favorite character list? Choosing a series to your liking a person with a similar taste is difficult, but possible. Horror is a rare genre in the serial world, but we found five multi-part paintings that meet this criterion.

American Horror Story

The name speaks for itself. You will find seven seasons of chilling events, some of which are based on real events. At least, so say the creators of the series. Each season is concentrated around an object. So, in the first season - this is a killer house, inhabited by the souls of dead people. And in the second season, the storyline will take you to a mental hospital. In total, nine seasons are planned, but in order to watch them to the end, you will have to wait for 2019. It is then planned to show the final series.

Scary tales

Get ready to see Victorian London from an unusual perspective. No melodramatic notes and romantic experiences. Instead, there is the evil that the city is teeming with at night, as well as various ugly (sometimes not very) characters - from Frankenstein and Dracula to Dorian Gray, that same young man from the eponymous work of Oscar Wilde. However, fans of horror films have already managed to criticize this series. They say that instead of all-consuming horror, “Terrible Tales” is stuffed with simple human feelings - fear, hatred, pain.

Very strange things

The series with a stretch can be called a horror, rather - a mystical thriller. There will be no blood and heads cut off, but there will be a monster, missing people and a frightening atmosphere. Briefly about the storyline: the eighties, a provincial town, the missing schoolboy Will and an odd shaven-headed girl named Eleven who escaped from a secret laboratory.

Park Avenue, 666

The number of the devil in the name is already adjusting to the desired mood. The series is perfect for those who do not like stretched stories for several seasons. There are only 13 episodes that can be easily watched over the coming weekend. At the center of the storyline is a young couple who moves to New York City center for work - they must manage a prestigious residential building. It seems to be cool work in the best city in the world ... What's so terrible? But not so simple. After all, the residents of the house sold their soul to Satan. What for? To find out the answer to this question, you will need to click on the play button.

Bates Motel

The series is heard by many. And this is not surprising: it is popular with both horror story fans and melodrama lovers. For five seasons, the viewer will have to follow the life of the Bates family - a widow named Norma and her teenage son. After the death of the head of their small family, they move to a small town where they buy a small hotel. That's where it all starts ...

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