15 films that inspire you to travel

We will regret only two things on our deathbed - that we loved little and traveled little. About this a hundred years ago, the writer Mark Twain spoke. And everything seems to be clear, and you agree with everything, but for some reason, before going to bed, you start the hated alarm clock at 7:00 again and again. In the morning you wake up, brush your teeth and, without having breakfast, rush to an unloved job in order to emerge from the stuffy office at exactly 18:00 and start this circle all over again. Why are we scared to get out of our place and exchange the familiar atmosphere for dust from roads, coffee in roadside cafes, for unfamiliar cities and new acquaintances? And the point is not in the absence or shortage of money. Indeed, in order to spend the whole night by the fire and fall asleep in the tent in the morning, millions are not needed. We have compiled a selection of 15 travel-related films. Each hero has his own story. And who knows, maybe their adventures will inspire you on your own road.

Che Guevara: The Diaries of a Motorcyclist

The director of this film was completely impossible. Probably, each of us is accustomed to the fact that any film about a revolutionary, first of all, seeks to show his rapid state activity. Everything is different here. The legendary Che appears in the image of a simple guy who rides a motorcycle around the expanses of Latin America.

Train to Darjeeling. Desperate Travelers

The film tells the life story of three siblings who decided to embark on a journey through the mysterious and mysterious India. In fairness, it is worth noting that the guys are not without "cockroaches" in their heads, which makes the film interesting to watch. In general, if you decide to become a passenger of a train, then do everything possible for this. And drop your bags if necessary.

Seven Years in Tibet

Heinrich Harrer realized his childhood dream. Finally, he ended up where calm and willpower reign. The protagonist went on a long journey to Tibet in order to taste the wisdom of centuries hidden in these lands. Do not hesitate, life is short, therefore, if possible, follow the example of a traveler.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The film tells about the life of ordinary people in Spain, who always had a rather great craving for all kinds of romantic stories. Be sure that after watching this film you will definitely want to break away and go to distant Barcelona in order to fall in love with the locals.

In the wild

The hero of this film sets off on a long journey through the wild lands of our planet. He is sure that this will allow him to completely change his attitude to the world around him. If you have the same opportunity, never think, but immediately go on a long journey.

Eat Pray Love

This film is a story about distant travels and self-knowledge. If you have free time or vacation, then be sure to take advantage of this circumstance, select any three countries and visit them.

Translation difficulties

The plot of the film takes us to distant Japan in order to tell us about the beautiful love story that can happen in the life of each of us. Two lonely people, going to Tokyo, find each other and fall in love.

Midnight in Paris

Once, Gil realized that he could no longer live in a huge city, and he urgently needed to unwind. Tired of exhausting writing, he goes to Paris in order to escape from the gray routine and find ideas for new novels.

From Africa

Another film about a wonderful lesson that is available to anyone. The film tells the story of a trip to Africa. It is on this continent that the two main characters will go, whose fates are closely intertwined. After watching this film, you will definitely have a desire to put aside all things and visit the mysterious continent.

Con tiki

Another story about the love of travel, which received a rather sad continuation. The main characters went on a trip to the Pacific Ocean. As a result, it completely changed their life. No one could have imagined that harmless swimming would turn into another story connected with the struggle for one’s life.

The incredible life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller will appear before us in the image of a comedian familiar to him, which has already conquered a huge number of viewers. The main character will have to overcome his complexes and fears. This is a necessary and sufficient condition in order to go on a long journey and change your destiny. We live once, so never be afraid to change something in your life.


Several guys decide to go on a long trip around the Old World. Having a rather violent disposition and unpredictable behavior, friends each time become participants in unusual stories. The whole plot of this film tells us that travel is necessary not only to think about the meaning of life, but also to have fun and dance until you drop.

Bottom in Bruges

Some tour operators assure customers that after watching this film, a huge stream of tourists poured in Bruges. The whole plot boils down to the fact that several criminals decide to hide in this small town in order to evade responsibility. After a while, it becomes clear that this was not the best idea.

Highway 60

This film is another work of talented directors who have made every effort to create high-quality films. After watching this movie, you can not stay away from its mysterious plot. Everyone dreams of being someone, to take place in this difficult life. But not so simple. One desire is not enough, therefore it is necessary to act. What efforts is each of us ready to make in order to become happy? You can find the answer to this intriguing question by watching this wonderful movie.

Roman holiday

Sometimes in the life of each of us there is an irresistible desire to completely change the usual course of our lives. It is even possible that for this we will have to become what we are not. This is what happens in the life of a young princess who decides to escape from the palace in order to go on a long journey through the Italian capital.

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