9 sequels we've been waiting for so long

We have prepared for you a list of successful series that have recently been continued. If you suddenly missed the new seasons of your favorite projects, then it's time to catch up!

Mr. Mercedes, Season Two

Bill Hodges is a once successful detective who is now retired. In the first season, he was faced with a dangerous psychopath Brady Hartfield, who was planning to prepare a terrorist attack that could take thousands of innocent lives. Ahead of him are waiting for no less exciting and in some places frightening mystical adventures that will not leave anyone indifferent.

In the main role - all the same Irishman Brendan Glisson ("Get to the bottom in Bruges").

Release date:August 22 (and until the end of October).

Ozark, season two

Marty Bird - tightly connected with the Mexican drug cartel. Criminal authorities - his superiors, he is listed as a financial consultant. The main task of the man is to completely transfer money to the small city of Ozark, which would allow him and his family to be saved. But, unfortunately, so far this goal has not been achieved and it is not known whether Bird will ever be able to achieve it, given the fact that his superiors do not like it at all ...

The main role is played by Jason Bateman ("Night Games").

Release date: August 31.

Iron Fist Season Two

Danny Rand, also known as the Iron Kulan, leaves no attempt to permanently end the criminal syndicate, which calls itself the "Hand". Leaving the multimillion-dollar business inherited from his father and his whole past life, he seeks to save innocent people and ensure the city’s safety. But in the first season, Danny did not achieve much success, so he also became a target for representatives of the authorities and law enforcement agencies. Will he be able to fix it in the new season?

Starring Finn Joyce (Defenders).

release date: September 7th.

American Horror Story, Season 8

As before, the plot was based on another horror story, namely the apocalypse. The action takes place in the near future, in two thousand and nineteen, and in the center of history are the few surviving people who live within a secret and well-protected base.

The creators promised a crossover for two seasons, “Killer House” and “Sabbath”. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Katie Bates returned to the main roles.

Release date:12-th of September.

Deuce, second season

This series is about stylish and candid seventies. The main character is Martino, who, by the way, has a new hairstyle in the second season. The plot begins five years after the finale of the first season. The viewer can again plunge into the history of the birth of the sexual industry.

Starring - James Franco ("Why He?")

Release date: September 21st.

Good doctor, season two

This is a positive, very pleasant, but at the same time serious project, which the audience really liked. Well, dance, because the young surgeon Sean Murphy, living with Asperger's Syndrome, again makes an attempt to climb up the career ladder. Great difficulties await him, but he, as the main and most positive hero, must cope with this!

Release date:September 24th.

Man in a High Castle, Season Three

This series offers an alternative history of humanity in which Nazism flourishes. The United States of America is now evenly divided between Germany and Japan. The Nazi machine is gaining momentum and finding an increasing number of followers, Hitler’s ideology is now the norm and an unshakable absolute. However, there are still those who remember the world to others, and want to overthrow the Nazis, but what are their chances of victory? They say that the Nazis plan to conquer not only planet Earth, but others too ...

Starring Alexa Davalos and Luke Kleintenk.

Release date: October 5th.

The walking dead season nine

What is remarkable for the ninth season of The Walking Dead? The fact that the performer of the role of Rick Grimes, one of the main and brightest heroes of the series, Andrew Lincoln leaves the project. He promised fans of the series a spectacular way out of the story, so many are very intrigued by the ninth season of The Walking Dead.

By the way, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the performer of the role of Nigan, the main antagonist in the series at the moment) said a very touching farewell to his colleague, replaying one of the scenes of the romantic film "Real Love" in his honor. Be sure to watch the video.

Release date: October 7th.

House of Cards, Season Six

The main political drama of this decade ends, because the sixth season is the ending of the story, which has interested millions of viewers around the world. Kevin Spacey, the lead actor, will not appear on the screen for obvious reasons. In the trailer, President Francis Underwood is dead, so the plot will revolve around other bright characters. Fans suggest that the first main character will be the first lady Claire Underwood. But there are those who do not believe in the death of Francis and are waiting for at least episodic return of Spacey ...

release date: November 2.

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