7 celebrities caught cheating

Disagreement in relations, endless quarrels with your soulmate, betrayal and betrayal - celebrities are also people, and nothing human is alien to them. In the world of show business, it’s especially difficult to stay true to your partner. Temptations await you at every turn. And how can you curb hormones when a new partner in the film is some Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie, and the crowds of the most relaxed fans do not give you a pass? We chose the 7 most high-profile betrayals of Hollywood and looked at the consequences they led to. Read and shake it off to prevent such a mess in your own relationships!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a very beautiful couple. She is the star of the popular series Friends, he is a successful high-paying actor. But the family idyll did not last long. Five years later, the family life of Pitt and Aniston divorced. They did not advertise the reason for the divorce, but later it became known that before the official breakup, Brad Pitt had a romantic relationship with Angelina Jolie. They played a married couple in the movie Mrs. and Mr. Smith, and the love on the screen flowed smoothly into an affair outside the set.

Bottom line: the relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lasted ten years, after which they divorced. The official reason is alcohol and drug abuse by Pitt. The couple has three of their own and three adopted children. Aniston, after breaking up with Pitt, married actor Justin Theroux, but this year they divorced, they have no children.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, despite the great age difference, were one of the most harmonious couples in Hollywood. Their marriage lasted 6 years and broke up due to the endless fleeting affairs of Kutcher. The last straw was an article in the tabloid press with photo evidence of another betrayal. To this, Demi Moore could not close her eyes, so she filed for divorce.

Bottom line: Demi Moore did not start a new serious relationship, but Kutcher’s personal life went uphill - the next year after the divorce, he began to meet with actress Mila Kunis, now they are married, have two children.

Jack Nicholson

How much Nicholson is good on the screen, so badly he is in the role of family man. The actor has five children from four women, he claimed that he slept in his life with two thousand partners. But today we will talk about one of his most high-profile treason. For 17 years, he met with actress Angelica Houston, and one afternoon she learned from the news that Nicholson would soon become a father - another woman was expecting a child from him. This was followed by an immediate divorce.

Bottom line: three years after the divorce from Nicholson, Angelica Houston married the sculpture, she and her husband lived until his death, the couple never had children. Nicholson did not get bored at all. Probably, it was during these years that he slept with the aforementioned thousands of women.

Jude Law

Lovelace Jude Law dated actress Sienna Miller for a little over a year. A star couple even thought about a wedding. But, alas, Sienna Miller found out that the beloved cheated on her with her nanny from her first marriage.

Bottom line: after breaking up with Sienna Miller, Jude Law had a few serious relationships, both chosen ones gave birth to his children (the actor has five offspring). Three years later, she and Sienna Miller tried to renew their relationship, but they only lasted a couple of years. Sienna Miller tried to build her relationship with another person, they got engaged in 2011, but in 2015 they got divorced. Oh, these stars!

Britney Spears

Legends circulated about the novel by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the world of show business. Firstly, she cheated on him twice. Secondly, he cheated on her in revenge, after which he recorded a song in which he described in detail how this happened. In total, the couple met for four years.

Bottom line: the same song that Timberlake recorded was a hit. The singer himself did not lose time: at first he met the beauty Cameron Diaz, then he married Jessica Beale, with whom he is happy to this day. But Britney Spears pretty badly patted. She was briefly married to Kevin Federline, they had two children in a marriage. After the divorce in 2006, she did not have a serious long-term relationship.

Jessica simpson

Girls, according to the chronicles of Hollywood, cheat on their loved ones much less than they do to them. But the case with Jessica Simpson is an exception to the rule, and indeed what! For four years she was married to actor Nick Lache, when rumors spread that she was cheating on him and Adam Levin. The actress categorically denied these speculations, but eventually caught the eye of the paparazzi when she and her lover left the motel. At the same time, Jessica was wearing the shirt of Adam Levin!

Bottom line: after a high-profile divorce, Jessica Simpson avoided a serious relationship for almost four years (or maybe the men simply did not believe her?), But then fell in love with a former NFL player. Now they have a happy marriage in which they raise two children. Nick Lachet is also happy in marriage with Vanessa Minnillo, though they disagreed and converged a thousand times, but ...

Kristen Stewart

Beauty Stuart closes our top 7 of Hollywood's most high-profile betrayals. While millions of girls were raving about Robert Pattinson, she quietly cheated on him with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman Rupert Sanders.

Bottom line: after Pattinson found out about the betrayal, he sold the house where they planned to live, and the actress herself left for her mother. A few months later, the couple reconciled, gathered back, but after a while the actors finally parted. After this relationship, Stewart began dating women, the last romance with top model Stella Maxwell has been going on for two years. Pattinson, after breaking up with Stewart, tried to build a relationship with the British singer FKA twigs. They even had an engagement, but it didn’t go beyond that - in 2017, the lovers ran away.

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