5 anime series that are not inferior to "Death Note"

A selection of the best anime series that were shot based on popular comics and made a lot of noise in the animated series. For those who rated Death Note, like Japanese comics or just want to get to know the new genre.

"Code Geass: Risen Lelouch R2"

2008 year. One season, 25 episodes.

If you want to have fun and laugh, then pass by. This series is not a children's cartoon about girls with big eyes, but a heavy drama about the role of the personality in history. The storyline tells us about the alternative year 2017. Japan is occupied by Neo-Britain and is now called the faceless word "Sector 11". The entire series revolves around two heroes, childhood friends - the former British prince Lelouch Lamperuzh and the son of Japanese Prime Minister Suzaku Kururuga. They are close, but at the same time absolute opposites.

"Fullmetal Alchemist"

year 2009. One season, 65 episodes.

"Fullmetal Alchemist" - an unusual anime. On the one hand - the standard syonen (cartoon for teenage boys), on the other - a very smart, sometimes even philosophical picture. Friendship, love, honor, understanding and forgiveness. The plot is as follows: the talented Elrica brothers, breaking the main prohibition of Alchemy and trying to resurrect mom, paid a high price: the youngest, Alphonse, lost his body, and now his soul is attached to steel armor, and the older, Edward, has lost his arm and leg, so he has to use dentures - auto armor.

"Cowboy Bebop"

1998 year. One season, 27 episodes.

The series, shot almost twenty years ago, tells of the adventures of bounty hunters. There are four of them, or rather five, if you count the dog. They have a real spaceship called Bebop. And they live in the future. In that, where the Earth is a planet surviving the last days, and most earthlings long ago live on another planet, the fourth from the sun, and are called Martians.

One Punch Man

2015 year. One season, 19 episodes.

If you are looking for an interesting anime series that you can watch over the weekend, then opt for the One-Punch Man. In the center of the story is the story of a 25-year-old guy named Saitama, who once, returning from an unsuccessful interview, meets a real monster on the road and recalls his childhood dream - to be a superhero. The first season of the One-Punch Man series can be seen here.


2004 year. One season, 26 episodes.

Great teen anime series that will be useful to watch for both hipsters and adults. The slogan of the series speaks for itself: "A guitar is like a human soul transmitting a message to the world through just six strings." Beck is a story about a simple Japanese guy, 14-year-old Yukio Tanaka, who, by the will of fate, met the young guitarist Ryusuke Minami and, thanks to his talent, strength of mind, simple and open character, found his place in life, made friends and met love. This is not a good bedtime story, but a true real life - with crushing defeats and stunning successes.