30 of the best series in the last 20 years

If you just finished watching another episode, and don’t know which one to choose next to pass the cold autumn evenings, then this list is for you to help. The top includes the best series for the last twenty years, which received not only good audience ratings, but also collected a lot of positive reviews from critics.



The plot focuses on the US Navy Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who returned home after eight years of missing Iraq, and Carrie Matheson, a CIA officer who suspects him of involvement in the preparation of the terrorist attack on America.



The series tells of the adventures of the Sam and Dean Winchester brothers, who travel the United States in a 1967 Chevrolet Impala black car, investigate paranormal events, many of which are based on American urban legends and folklore, and fight off against evil creatures such as demons and ghosts.


Customer is always dead

Events take place in Los Angeles. Nate suddenly finds out about the death of his father. Nate’s younger brother, David, is an intimate funeral director. Nate's sister, Claire's rebellious teenager, finds out the sad news when she is under the influence of drugs that she tried with her boyfriend. The joy in Nate’s life is brought only by Brenda, a passionate woman whom Nate met on the plane. However, the Brenda family is even stranger than the Nate family ...


Good wife

The story of a wife and mother, on whose shoulders lay concern for the family after her husband was involved in a public sex scandal and imprisoned for corruption.


House of cards

An ambitious Democratic congressman, Frank Underwood, in exchange for a promise to make him secretary of state, helps Garret Walker become president of the United States. However, after the election, the head of the presidential administration, Linda Vazquez, tells Underwood that he will not receive the post. Enraged by betrayal, Frank and his wife are ready to do anything to avenge the newly made president.


Friday night lights

The action takes place in the fictional city of Dillon, Texas. Dillon High High School is known for its strong footballers and fan support. A new coach comes to school. He often faces a choice between what is right and what leads to victory. His wife, who also works at school, often acts as a voice of conscience. This series is about friendship and devotion, dreams and failures, love and zeal.


Orange is the hit of the season

Piper Chapman is an ordinary Connecticut resident. She loves her prosperous life and all her pleasant little things. Shower in the morning, beautiful breakfast, lovemaking. But it so happens that thanks to his fleeting fascination with a major drug dealer, Piper is imprisoned for a long fifteen months. From now on, she needs not only to get used to the new environment, but also simply to survive.



Public Relations Specialist Olivia Pope, who previously worked for the President of the United States, is setting up her own crisis management agency, whose goal is to fix the problems of high-ranking clients before they become public domain.


South Park

Strange stories from the lives of several third-graders from the small town of South Park in Colorado. This is a comedy with elements of the grotesque, farce, parody, abundantly flavored with music and the very devilishly poorly defined words ...



USA, 60s. At the center of the story is the work of the Sterling-Cooper advertising agency, located on the prestigious Madison Avenue in central New York, and the life of its creative director, the master of manipulation and intrigue, Don Draper. At the top of his career, he confronts competitors, trying to preserve his position in the company. Office and family ups and downs of Don and his colleagues occur against the backdrop of global events in the life of American society in those years ...


American family

Jay Pritchett met stunning Colombian Gloria when she in a bikini served him cocktails at a party that he had on the day his first wife left. Now Jay and Gloria are married, and Jay is struggling to keep up with the young beauty-wife and her son Mani.


Developmental delay

The father of a large family went to jail and left the company (the owner of which he is) in critical condition. A family, accustomed not to consider finances, but to spend them stupidly, is faced with the harsh truth of life ...


Sex and the City

This is a kind of "school" for unmarried women, the magazine "Cosmopolitan" on the screen. Four friends, four characters, completely different from each other, but each girl will find herself in them, in their problems, in their hopes and relationships.


The walking Dead

The series tells the life story of a sheriff’s family after a “zombie” epidemic of apocalyptic proportions swept the globe. Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors in search of a safe place to live. But the constant fear of death every day brings heavy losses, making the heroes feel the depths of human cruelty.


Very strange things

A small American town, 1983. Under inexplicable circumstances, a little boy disappears in search of which the local sheriff, mother and his friends go out. And at the same time, a girl who has telepathic abilities escapes from a secret laboratory. Soon, more and more truly strange mysterious events began to occur in the city.


To stay alive

The liner flying from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes unexpectedly. 48 passengers end up on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The hope of being found is rather illusory. Therefore, there is only one thing left: to gather strength and try to survive on an island filled with many dangers ...



The series is about the working days of a small regional office of a large company, whose inhabitants must endure for days of their bad-boss bosses.


24 hours

The life of Jack Bauer, an agent of the counterterrorism unit of Los Angeles, is eventful. International terrorists, former agents and the military, foreign intelligence services - they have a lot of reasons to take actions aimed at gaining benefits and causing damage of various nature: from the threat to the life of a presidential candidate to the explosion of an atomic bomb in the United States. Ordinary residents in this game are just pawns.



The police unit in Baltimore is trying to bring to the court an investigation into the crimes of organized criminal groups involved in the illegal distribution of drugs through special means and activities for listening and covert video recording.


Anatomy of passion

The plot of the series is concentrated at the Seattle Grace Hospital. But do not expect medical riddles in the style of "House" Doctor. Instead, we will see comic passions flaring up between the clinic staff.


Clan soprano

The daily life of the modern Godfather: his thoughts are swift, his actions are decisive, and his humor is black. Mafia boss of the North Jersey Tony Soprano successfully copes with the problems of the "Family". But her own family was a little disappointing: the children lost their hands, the marriage was under threat, the mother sawed. He hopes for the help of a psychiatrist, but how can he tell about all his problems if he is bound by Omerta - a vow of silence that cannot be broken under pain of death?



Events unfold today. He passed Afghanistan, remained disabled. Upon returning to his native land, he meets a mysterious, but peculiar, ingenious man. The one in search of a roommate. London 2010 Inexplicable killings occur. Scotland Yard has no idea what to grab. There is only one person who can solve problems and find answers to difficult questions.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

High school student Buffy Summers moves from Los Angeles to the town of Sunnydale. Nobody knows that Buffy is not a simple schoolgirl, but the Chosen One, who is destined to fight the forces of evil. However, general ignorance does not last long - until the meeting of Buffy with Mr. Rupert Giles, the school librarian, who turns out to be Buffy's personal Ranger.


Doctor Who

The British science fiction television series of the BBC company about a mysterious time traveler known as the Doctor, who, together with his companions, explores time and space, solving various problems and fighting evil.


West wing

The series tells about the inner life of the US Presidential Administration. This, for the most part, is not about conspiracies and political intrigues, but about everyday routine - lawmaking, work with Congress, the government and other organizations and institutions; about political bidding, diplomatic work and relations with the press.


Downton Abbey

1912 year. England. The heir to the title of Count Grantham dies on the Titanic. The family expects that now that there are no male heirs left, the property will be transferred to the eldest daughter. But the count, who gave his whole life to the estate, refuses to defend the rights of young Mary, believing that everything, including the considerable capital of his wife, should go to the heir to his count's title, an unknown distant relative ...



Six best friends - three guys, three girls - live next door. Girls in the same apartment, guys - on the contrary. They quarrel, make peace, fall in love with each other, fall into unusual stories, spend evenings in their favorite cafe. Each episode lasts 22 minutes.


The Big Bang Theory

Two brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, "great minds" who understand how the "Universe works." But their genius does not help them to communicate with people, especially with women. Everything begins to change when the beautiful Penny settles in front of them.


Breaking bad

The plot is based on the story of chemistry teacher Walter White, who found out that he had lung cancer. He understands that he has only a few months left to live, and decides to put everything at stake - to provide for his family, wife and newborn child. How to quickly make a ton of money if you know chemistry well? Maybe try boiling amphetamine? Soon a young Jesse Pinkman joins the chemist - his former student, who was expelled from school.


Game of Thrones

The series is based on the books of George Martin about the Seven Kingdoms. Here, to the last it is not clear who will survive and who will win. Spectators around the world are attracted by impressive special effects and large-scale scenery. Intrigues, palace coups, forest spirits, sorcerers and magicians ...

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