Live photos of Julien Duvier

We want to show you cinemagraphs created by a graphic designer from France - Julien Duvier. In his works you will see simple scenes from everyday life, looking at which you will feel that you are watching a movie.

Cinemagraphy combines traditional photography with elements of local animation, which creates the effect of a live picture.

Selected moving parts of the picture are isolated from the static image. This dichotomy makes the images quiet and somewhat contemplative.

These are not just gifs, they are much more complex animated images raised to a whole new level.

These images create a compelling illusion that you are watching a movie.

Cinemagraphs of Julien Duvier radiate calm, revealing the beauty of ordinary, everyday life.

According to the first creators of live images - Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, they wanted to connect the world of photography and the world of cinema. And they really did it.

It usually takes two days to create one live image, but if the person is the moving element in the picture, then it may take a week.

The author of these unusual live photos is inspired by everything that can be seen. And in the work, music is important for him, which, according to him, very often affects the choice of plot for filming.