Simple inventions striking with their genius

“Everything ingenious is simple” is an expression that tirelessly finds confirmation, at least in design. Today, there are a myriad of inventions for everyday life, made on the basis of old models, or embodying fundamentally new ideas. They are simple, but at the same time so useful and practical.

Sofa armrest

Bathroom mirror wipers

A special spoon that allows you to eat ALL Yogurt

360 degree socket allowing multiple plugs to be inserted at once

Teabag squeezing spoon

Scotch tape that comes off easily

Availability Parking

A stain-free cup

Surge protector that can be assembled from the desired number of elements and rotate each of them in the right direction

Cinema with armchairs and pillows

USB socket

Lighting for sockets

GPS key fob or wallet that can be tracked using a smartphone

Socket with integrated extension cord

Recycle bin with additional motivation to use it

Hooded backpack

Solar Powered Charger

USB Charging Batteries

Non-Space Bike Racks

Headphones that don't get confused

Pizza scissors

Curved fork with which spaghetti does not slip

Always dry bench - just turn the handle after the rain