Anna War - Holocaust movie

War is always troubles, destruction, death and grief, covering all people. Wives remain without husbands, parents without children, and children without parents. Especially in this period, it is difficult for children who, from early childhood, know what hell is. Our next heroine turned out to be such a child.

The world release date of the film by Alexei Fedorchenko “Anna's War” took place on January 28, 2018 at the Rotterdam Film Festival in the Netherlands, where it received loud applause and applause from the audience. The rating of the picture is estimated at 7.1.

White Elephant Award

The Moscow Cinema House recently hosted the 2019 White Elephant award ceremony and film press. Many films, filmmakers and actors were presented and awarded at the ceremony, among them were director Kirill Serebrennikov, actor Evgeny Tsyganov. “Anna's War” was chosen from all those presented, and became the best film of 2018, and the main actress, Marta Kozlova, received this award for the best main female role. Martha herself said that she dreamed of winning this award.

In addition to the White Elephant, the film received the Grand Prix of the Gorky fest festival.

In addition to all the awards, the drama was praised for the excellent work of cameraman Alisher Hamidkhodjaev.

Alexey Fedorchenko is a Russian director and producer, winner of many awards and nominations, including, he is a laureate of the Venice Film Festival.

The script for the film was written by Alexei Fedorchenko and Natalia Meshchaninova, the winner of the Nika and Golden Eagle awards. The composer was Vladimir Komarov.


This amazing movie drama will tell us the story of a little six-year-old girl who lost her whole family during the Great Patriotic War. Anna herself survives thanks to her mother, who saved her by covering her body. The girl hid in the chimney of the old school fireplace, which became the commandant of the Germans - now he became her home for two years, until the Red Army troops liberated the village from the Nazis. Her only friend at this time is the cat, which, along with the memories of parents and friends, has become a motivation and incentive for the girl to fight for her own survival and preservation of the person in herself.

This piercing story will not leave anyone indifferent, because a child who has preserved strength of mind during a ruthless war is a symbol of hope and freedom.

The trailer for a military drama shows us life through the eyes of Anna herself, watching all the horrors of war from her small fireplace. She had to grow up early and learn how to survive alone, getting herself food and water. The musical component is filled with tragic notes that make us worry about the fate of the girl and believe that everything will end well.

The role of Anna was played by the young actress Marta Kozlova. For her game, she was awarded several awards at once: a diploma of the Kinotavr film festival "for creating a piercing image of war through the eyes of a child" and the "White Elephant" award.

It is noteworthy that for the entire film the main character does not pronounce a single phrase, conveying emotions only with her acting.

Also in the film starred: Lyubov Vorozhtsova, Ilya Belov, Ekaterina Sokolova, etc.

The 2018 Anna War movie can already be seen online in good quality. The name carries a dual meaning - this is war in the literal sense of the word, as well as Anna’s struggle for herself and her future. The motion picture, which became a tribute to the greatest Holocaust tragedy, really turned out to be worthy and highly appreciated by critics. The game of young Marta Kozlova carries authenticity and will definitely give you pleasure when watching.

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