Born to Be the King (The Kid Who Would Be King)

Already in early spring, in the national cinemas of the audience, I will please the actors of the science-fiction film “Born to Become a King” (2019) with my play, the release date of the film is scheduled for March 14, 2019. It is highly advisable to visit the movie screenings of this modern interesting tale by the whole family, because in this story about a modern unlucky schoolboy and the famous sword-Escalibur, there is so much light and instructive. In anticipation of viewing, viewers can familiarize themselves with the Russian-language trailer.


The Kid Who Would Be King


Genre: adventure, fiction, family

Producer: Joe Cornish

World movie premiere: January 16, 2019

Film premiere in Russia: March 14, 2019

With the participation: Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Patrick Stewart, Rihanna Dorris, Louis Eschborn Serkis, Denis Gough

IMDb Rating: 5,8

Rating of expectations: 92%

The film’s slogan reads: “Evil will be punished,” which means that good will triumph no matter what.


The main character of the film is the usual and not very successful British schoolboy Alex. But all his failures remain in the past at the moment when the mythical sword Escalibar is in his hands. According to legend, this weapon belonged at one time to King Arthur himself. The boy’s life is changing - now his main goal is to defeat the evil sorceress Morgan, and he can not do without this devoted friends and wizard Merlin. Heroes are waiting for difficult trials and time travel.

Director and filming process

Adventure Fantasy Born to Become King is the fourth directorial for Joe Cornish. Prior to that, he acted as a director in two television series ("Miscalculation" and "Comedy Laboratory") and the full-length film "Aliens in the Area".

Filming an adventure science fiction movie took place in the capital of Great Britain.


The time has come to get acquainted with the actors and their roles in the movie:

  • The main character, Alex, was played in this new family film by Tom Taylor, starring in the TV series "The Last Kingdom" and playing Jake in "The Dark Tower";
  • In the role of the villain, the sorceress of Morgan, Rebekah Ferguson will appear before the audience. The actress is familiar to Russian viewers for her roles in Girl on the Train, Hercules, The Greatest Showman, and the TV series The White Queen;
  • The role of Merlin in fantasy was masterfully performed by Patrick Stewart. The actor has such films as Hamlet, X-Men, The Spirit of Christmas, the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the cult Star Wars, and many other iconic films. In addition, Stewart is a master of voice acting: the characters of the animated films “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Gnomeo and Juliet”, and “Chicken Chicken” speak in his voice;
  • In the film, the younger generation of actors also appears, and one of the names that must be remembered is Luis Eschborn Serkis. The boy has already taken part in the filming of the series “Young Morse” and “Taboo”.

Interesting Facts

Future viewers will be interested to know that:

  • During the filming of The Kid Who Would Be King, Rebecca Ferguson had to work seven days a week: on weekdays she took part in the filming of the continuation of the movie Mission Impossible, and on weekends she turned into an evil sorceress Morgana;
  • Some scenes were shot at Putney at the school where the famous James Bond Pierce Brosnan, Elliott High School, studied in childhood.
  • The filming process of the family movie began in September 2017.

Spectators in some countries are already enjoying the cast of the film “Born to Become King” (2019), and the release date in Russia is set for March 14, 2019. Very soon, everyone will experience an interesting adventure with Alex and his friends and stop the evil lurking in the Middle Ages.

Watch the video: The Kid Who Would Be King. Official Trailer HD. Fox Family Entertainment (February 2020).