Wild league

The origin of sports in different countries has a different history. A film project in the genre of sports historical drama by Andrey Bogatyrev and Art Camacho will tell about the appearance of football on Russian soil - the 2019 Wild League movie with famous actors and an unknown release date, the drama trailer is presented below.



Genre: historical drama

Producer: Andrey Bogatyrev, Art Camacho

Release in Russia: October 24, 2019

The film starred: Dmitry Nazarov, Vladimir Yaglych, Ivan Okhlobystin, Olesya Sudzilovskaya and others.

What do you know about sports in the Russian Empire? The story tells about the appearance of football in those distant times.


The provincial guy Varlam left his native land and began life in the vast and so distant Moscow. Once, having proved himself in a folk game, he shows himself to an interesting Englishman who owns a closed football club.

He offers him a place in the team, however, his new teammates don't like a simple guy. Then, deciding to go against fate, Varlam, with the help of a merchant and a true patriot Balashov, creates his own national team, consisting of the same "wild" people as he is.

The victory of the team was a miracle and surprised the whole country, and then the whole world. Its name is heard by all residents of Moscow. Then Varlam decided to conquer not only Russian football, but also enter the world stage to prove the full power of Russian players.

Director and crew

The producers of the film were Igor Dobrovolsky (Fixies: Big Secret), Olga Ledyaeva, Eric Brenner (Stuck in Love, Crazy Heart).

The director's chair of the project was occupied by Andrei Bogatyrev and Art Camacho. Andrei Bogatyrev is truly a versatile person: he is an actor, editor, screenwriter and composer. Among his famous works can be distinguished: "Bagi" (2010), for which he won the prize of the Canadian Film Festival, "Judah" (2013), the series "Sasha Tanya" (since 2013), the film "Archipelago" (2014). The second director is also involved in writing scripts and acting. He can be known to the viewer for the films "Vengeance" (1998), "Easy Target" (2006), "Chemist" (2015).

Bogatyrev, Camacho

The screenwriter was Roman Vladykin (Samurai’s Confession), who came up with the idea of ​​making the film, cameraman work was performed by Vyacheslav Krasokov, Ken Blakey (Anger, Endless Christmas), and Alexander Gilyarevsky (Brother 2, Ryabinovy ​​became the artist) waltz).

The shooting itself took place in the suburbs, the cities of the Golden Ring, as well as in the Krasnodar Territory.


The main roles in the drama were played by the actors of both the Russian and foreign movie stars:

  • Varlama was played by Vladimir Yaglych, whose appearance was ideally suited for the image of a provincial strong man ("We are from the future", "Youth. Adult life");
  • Ivan Okhlobystin as Yasha (Interns, Temporary Difficulties);
  • Adeline Golubenko-Gizatullina acted as Malika (“I see the goal”);
  • Dmitry Nazarov reincarnated as a merchant Balashov ("Kitchen", "Call");
  • Olesya Sudzilovskaya appeared in the role of Alice ("Living Pushkin", "Mediator");
  • Adrian Paul became Parker (Highlander, Black Rose).

What you need to know about the film

Some interesting facts:

  • For the sake of filming in the film, Vladimir Yaglych specially released his beard in order to be like his character;
  • Ivan Okhlobystin already took part in one project together with Roman Vladykin on the film "Priest San. Confession of the Samurai".

Viewers have to wait for the trailer to be released and the release date of the 2019 film “Dika League” with famous actors. The drama should appeal to all lovers of sports and sports history: it tells about the identity and features of the emergence of Russian football.

Watch the video: Wild League: Shooter #1 (February 2020).