Naples Piranha (La paranza dei bambini)

From Italy, in the framework of the competition program of the Berlin Film Festival, which will be held from February 7 to 17, 2019, the 2019 film Piranha of Naples, the actors and release date of which is known, is sent, the trailer is also available for online viewing, but only in the original Italian language.

Its world premiere is scheduled for February 14, and the date of the Russian release announced by the VOLGA film company on April 25.

La paranza dei bambini


Genre: drama

Producer: Claudio Giovannesi

World Release: February 14, 2019

Premiere in Russia: April 25, 2019

Starred in the film: Viviana Aprea, Francesco Di Napoli - as Nicholas Fiorillo, Ciro Pellecchia - as candy, Ar Tem (Artem Tkachuk) - Tyson, Pasquale Marotta, Alfredo Turitto - Biscottino, Ciro Vecchione - O'Russ,

This is a film adaptation of the best-seller of the famous Italian writer and journalist Roberto Saviano, who wrote the 2016 novel “Gomorrah” about the affairs of the mafia in Naples. It is still under the protection of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, since the mafia began to hunt him.


The story will tell about several young people who came from different areas of Naples, headed by Nicholas Fiorillo and about their rise in the world of criminal organizations of the city. These teenagers, not yet adults, but no longer small, blinded, but at the same time attracted by this dangerous world of crime and luxury, literally fall into its network. Young people organize an armed group in order to receive easy money and power, given the inability to get it otherwise. They are easy to distinguish from others: tattoos, luxurious and fashionable clothes, skateboards, a cold look. Their friendship and honor is tested in street shootings. Nihilists, by their nature, they choose crime in order to achieve an ideal model of existence, even knowing that they will kill and die themselves.

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Immediately after the news that Naples Piranhas will represent Italy at the upcoming festival in Berlin, the movie trailer also came out. In it we see teenagers who ride scooters armed with semi-automatic pistols, thanks to which they practice shooting, and aim at the antennas on the roofs. The most cruel scenes intersect with those where they are all carefree boys who know how to enjoy beautiful moments of life with their girls. The film combines the duality of life: the innocence and brutal violence of a 15-year-old criminal. The contrast is emphasized by the choice of the song as background music for the trailer.

Director and crew

The director's chair of the project was taken by the Italian composer, screenwriter and director Claudio Giovannesi, an expert in the presentation of the tragic teenage realities. It is unlikely that his name will be known to our viewers, because the director is popular only within his native Italy. From his works we can distinguish: "L'uomo del sottosuolo" (2005), "Ali has blue eyes" (2012) and his most successful project is the series "Gomorrah (since 2014).

The script for the film was written by Roberto Saviano, author of the original book. He has already worked with Claudio Giovannesi on the TV series Gomorrah (based on Saivano's novel); Maurizio Braucci, who in turn worked with Roberto on the films Gomorrah (2008) and Tatanka (2011); also the scriptwriter was the director himself.

Claudio giovannesi

The artistic component of the drama was Daniel Frabetti (Chloreka 2015, Deep in the Forest 2015) and Michele Modaferry (You Are the Dope 2008, Boris 2011).

The shooting itself took place in Naples.


The main roles in the film will be performed by a young cast that has never before starred in films. The creators themselves explained this choice as a tribute to the authenticity of persons and a realistic storyline:

  • Francesco Di Napoli;
  • Ar Tem (Artem Tkachuk);
  • Viviana Aprea;
  • Pasquale Marotta;
  • Ciro Pellecchia;
  • Alfredo Turitto;
  • Ciro Vechchione.

What you need to know about the film

Some interesting facts about drama:

  • The history is very relevant for Italy and its individual regions - in the country, indeed, there is such a problem as mafia groups, which also include teenagers;
  • In the original name there is the term "paranza", which is translated, according to sea jargon, as "small boats for catching small fish", usually used for frying. For this film, the term has a different meaning - the hearts of young teenage criminals.

Footage from filming in Naples

The trailer for the 2019 film Piranha of Naples, whose release date and actors are already known, showed us that modern realities are not as good as they seem. Very young boys terrorize the whole of Naples, but after all, for sure, this is also the case in many other cities of the world. The film will have to motivate viewers to pay attention to this urgent problem.

Watch the video: Trailer de Piranhas La paranza dei bambini HD (February 2020).