Films to help me understand why I live

Surely, every person at least once in his life was interested: "And why do we exist"? For many years, humanity has been trying to find the answer to a complex philosophical question. Sometimes you can throw away complex literature aside and turn to films that, after watching, provide food for thought. We offer you to get acquainted with the best films about the meaning of life, which everyone should watch.

I start (I origins)


A country: USA

Genre: Fiction, drama

Producer: Mike Cahill

Release date: January 18, 2014 - in the world, September 25, 2014 - in Russia

Starring: Astrid Berger Frisbee, M. Pitt, S. Jan, B. Marling, A. Punjabi, W. Mapother

Rating: 7.5

If you watch the movie carefully, in one of the scenes you can see the cover of the popular National Geographic magazine.

A young and talented scientist is studying the evolution of vision. His girlfriend is sure that in the world there are many inexplicable phenomena that are not amenable to science. Once she dies, and the guy falls into a deep depression. After some time, fate gives the hero an amazing opportunity to look at the world from a different angle - just believe in the possibility of reincarnation.

The science of sleep (La science des rêves)


Production: France, Italy

Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance

Producer: Michelle Gondry

Premiere: February 11, 2006 - in the world, October 5, 2006 - in Russia

Starred in the film: S. Gainsbourg, A. Shaba, Gael Garcia Benral, Pierre Vanek, O. Petit

Rating: 7.2

Filming took place in the former house of director Michel Gondry.

The film tells about a modest young man named Stefan. The young man regularly has strange dreams in which amazing phenomena occur. The hero moves to Paris and begins to engage in graphic design. The guy puts a piece of his dreams into his work. But employers are unhappy with Stephen’s activities. His work evokes too many negative emotions. Once a young man meets a charming Stafani and immediately falls in love with her. How will the further fate of the bizarre guy unfold, because every day it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to understand where the dream is and where the reality begins.

Generation P


A country: USA, Russia

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Comedy

Producer: Victor Ginsburg

Release date: April 14, 2011 - in the world, April 14, 2011 - in Russia

The film was attended by: Vladimir Epifantsev, Andrey Fomin, Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Shnurov, Andrey Panin, Alexander Gordon

Rating: 6.5

In one scene, actor Vladimir Epifantsev ate real fly agaric.

Philologist Vavilen is completely immersed in the world of big business. Around soars power, thirst for profit and danger. The protagonist is embraced by a strange desire - he wants to find the ancient goddess Ishtar. A self-confident copywriter will have to go through a series of trials and dangerous adventures to become the husband of a sacred deity.

The Truman Show


A country: USA

Genre: Fiction, drama

Producer: Peter Weir

Release date: June 1, 1998 - in the world, November 5, 1998 - in Russia

Actors: Jim Carrey, Natasha McElhone, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich

Rating: 8.2

For Jimm Kerry, this was one of the most important films. The actor wanted to prove to everyone that he could not only “grimace” at the camera, but also act in serious films.

Truman is the happiest person on the planet. The protagonist has everything you need for a good life - a loving wife, a beautiful home, friendly neighbors and a promising job position. But could anyone suggest that this is all fake? It turns out that Truman is a participant in a multi-year show where beautifully built-in scenery is just fake. Can the protagonist regain the lost freedom and forget the last years of his life?

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Production: UK, USA

Genre: Drama, crime

Producer: Martin MacDon

Release date: September 4, 2017 - in the world, February 1, 2018 - in Russia

Cast: Francis McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Lucas Hedges, Caleb Landry Jones, Abby Cornish

Rating: 8.1

In one scene, you can see game discs from the xbox 360, but at the same time there is a joystick from the PS 3 on the table.

There is no worse grief for a mother than killing a child. In the center of the plot is Mildred Hayes, trying to ensure that the criminal who killed her daughter is put in jail. But the police are not in a hurry to search for the killer. Then the woman decides to attract the attention of the whole city - she rents a few billboards and writes bold messages to them to the chief of police. To achieve his goal, Mildred begins to riot, which causes an aggressive reaction of the townspeople. Will a criminal be found? And whether Hayes herself would suffer, because the locals are already ready to tear the woman to pieces, if only she would stop organizing lawlessness.



A country: USA

Genre: Fantasy drama

Producer: Francis Ford Coppola

World Release Date: August 9, 1996

Actors: Robin Williams, B. Kervin, Diane Lane, J. Lopez, Bill Cosby

Rating: 7.4

It was originally planned that the main role will go to Tom Hanks.

In the center of the plot is the boy Jack. The main character is not like everyone else - because of the characteristics of the body, Jack at the age of ten looks like a 45-year-old man. Despite his appearance, the boy regularly attends classes and tries to improve relations with the children in the classroom. But classmates are not eager to communicate with Jack. Suddenly the life of a young man completely turns upside down ...

Patrick Melrose


A country: UK, USA

Genre: Drama

Producer: Edward berger

Premiere: May 12, 2018 - in the world, May 13, 2018 - in Russia

Starred in the series: Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugo Weaving, Jennifer Jason Lee, Sebastian Maltz, Jessica Raine

Rating: 7.5

Each series of the mini-series is based on the works of the writer Edward St. Obina.

Is it possible to be an aristocrat and an alcoholic at the same time? Patrick Melrose is ideally able to combine both. A man has power and money, but in his life, not everything was always so perfect. In childhood, the hero suffered humiliation from his own father, while his mother was in no hurry to understand family problems. Patrick decided that he would definitely get into the high society, but did not even suspect that the chosen path would lead to his self-destruction.



A country: USA, Canada

Genre: Science fiction, thriller, drama

Producer: Denis Villeneuve

Release date: September 1, 2016 - in the world, November 11, 2016 - in Russia

Starred in the film: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Mark O'Brien

Rating: 7.4

Denis Villeneuve always dreamed of making a good popular picture. “Arrival” is the director’s first work in a similar genre.

Nothing foreshadowed a great misfortune. Once a huge ship of unknown origin froze in the sky. Really alien guests decided to visit the inhabitants of the Earth? The US government suggests that the first meeting may not end very well. The leadership contacts the best physicist and linguist in the country to help establish communication with the aliens. The main characters need to try to establish contact with new arrivals. They rise to the ship, after which the fun begins.

My Guardian Angel (My Sister's Keeper)


Production: USA

Genre: Drama, family

Producer: Nick Cassavetes

Premiere: June 26, 2009 - in the world, August 13, 2009 - in Russia

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Sophia Vasilyeva, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin, Jason Patrick, Heather Walkist

Rating: 7.9

Filming was temporarily suspended due to the fact that father Cameron Diaz died. Despite the terrible loss, the actress quickly returned to the filming process and announced that her dad would very much like to see this film.

One day, a girl named Anna learns that she was conceived in a "test tube" only so that she becomes a donor to the terminally ill sister Kate. Anna turns to the best lawyer in the city to help her defend her rights in this terrible business. Her mother is well-versed in court matters, because she is a lawyer who will always go to the end.

Life of Pi


A country: USA, Taiwan, Canada, UK

Genre: Fantasy, drama, adventure

Producer: Ang lee

Release date: September 28, 2012 - in the world, January 1, 2013 - in Russia

Cast: Irfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Ayush Tandon, Adil Hussein, Ayahan Khan

Rating: 7.8

In one scene, the protagonist of the film is in a boat with a tiger. In fact, a predator was drawn on a computer.

A young man named Pi and his parents sailed through the waters of the oceans in a large cargo ship carrying animals from the zoo. Once a cloudless sunny day was replaced by an insatiable storm that completely flooded the ship, as a result of which the boy was on the same boat with a dangerous Bengal tiger and other animals. Around a quiet, calm surface. What adventures did fate bring to such an unusual team?

Perfumer: The Story of a Murderer (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)


A country: Germany, France, Spain, USA

Genre: Fantasy drama

Producer: Tom Tykver

Premiere: September 7, 2006 - in the world, September 14, 2006 - in Russia

The main roles were played by: Ben Wishaw, Alan Rickman, Dustin Hoffman, B. Minichmayr, D. Romano

Rating: 7.6

The most famous directors of the world dreamed of making a film based on the book of writer Patrick Suskind. The director's chair could be occupied by Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott and Milos Forman.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouil has always been a loner. The main character is well versed in perfumes, because he is a perfumer. He knows very well which fragrance to choose for a pretty lady. Grenui has become famous throughout the world, absolutely everything is going crazy in its spirits - from ordinary people to royal lords. Is Jean-Baptiste really so talented? And can talent be a curse?

She (Her)


Production: USA

Genre: Melodrama, drama

Producer: Spike jones

Release date: October 12, 2013 - in the world, February 27, 2014 - in Russia

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara

Rating: 7.5

If you watch the film in the original voice acting, then the actress Scarlett Johansson speaks in the voice of the operating system.

Who would have thought that in the future it would be possible to have a real romance with the operating system? Theodore survived a difficult separation from his wife and found in artificial intelligence not only a good friend, but even something big. The main character falls in love with the “OS” and is not ashamed of his relationship. But what can they lead to in the future?

Asphalt (Asphalte)


A country: France

Genre: Drama, comedy

Producer: Samuel Benshetry

World Release: May 17, 2015

The main roles were played by: Isabelle Huppert, Tassadit Mandi, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Gustave Kervern

Rating: 7.2

Isabelle Huppert plays a closed character. The actress notes that in real life, she prefers to behave also modestly and quietly.

At the center of the story are several stories of residents of a Parisian house. Sternkovits is a persistent and harmful man who does not want to pay for the repair of the elevator, for the reason that he simply does not use it. As a result, fate played a cruel joke with the tenant - the hero remained disabled, and now he is forced to secretly use the elevator, hiding from neighbors. The second short story is dedicated to the teenager Charlie and the movie star, who has lost her former popularity. Charlie tries to help the actress and persuades her to take part in the filming of a new film. At the center of the third story is Hamida. Life confronts her with a pretty astronaut. What will be the fate of all the heroes?

No connection (Disconnect)


A country: USA

Genre: Thriller drama

Producer: Henry Alex Rubin

World premiere: September 11, 2012

Actors: Jason Bateman, Frank Gillo, Paula Patton, Hope Davis, Michael Nyquist, Max Tiriot

Rating: 7.4

The slogan of the film is "Look Up."

In the modern age of digital technology, more and more devices are appearing that allow you to establish contact with each other at a distance. It would seem that the “wired" world should unite people. But in reality, everything happens quite differently. The film will explain why modern technology creates a big hit between humanity.

Cinema art combines various genres. Sometimes you want to escape from the fantastic and comedic adaptations and see something serious. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with films that make you think about the meaning of life and bring you to tears.



A country: USA

Genre: Drama, adventure

Producer: Albert Hughes

Release date: August 16, 2018 - in the world, August 23, 2018 - in Russia

Starring: Cody Smith-McPhee, N. Malta, Johannes Heykyur ​​Johannesson and others

Rating: 6.5

There is one notable mistake in the film. In one scene, Kedo kneels, at this moment you can see the rubber sole of his shoes, which simply could not be at that time.

The action of the movie takes place 20 thousand years ago. A young man named Kedo lives in a cruel and dangerous world where every mistake can turn into death. Once, while hunting with his tribe for a herd of buffalo, he falls from a cliff, and all the inhabitants consider him dead. But Kedo miraculously managed to survive. Now he is completely alone. Around - a sea of ​​danger. The protagonist will go through severe trials and find out how a hated enemy can become a good friend.

I only see you (All I See Is You)


A country: Thailand, USA

Genre: Drama, detective

Producer: Mark Forster

Release date: September 14, 2016 - in the world, December 7, 2017 - in Russia

Cast: Blake Lively, Jason Clark, Yvonne Strahovski, Danny Houston

Rating: 5.9

To better get used to the role, actress Blake Lively wore special glasses in which nothing was visible.

The motion picture tells about a girl named Gina, who lost her sight in childhood. She has a wonderful husband, James, who loves his wife no matter what. Once the heroine’s doctor reports that there is a high probability of returning the right eye. The couple are delighted with the amazing news. James pays for the operation, which was completely successful. But now Gina has opened a new and amazing world. She begins to feel sexually attracted to other men. James sees a once-happy marriage bursting at the seams.

If I Stay (If I Stay)


Production: USA

Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance

Producer: R.J Cutler

Release date: August 18, 2014 - in the world, August 28, 2014 - in Russia

Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Mireille Inos, Joshua Leonard, Liana Liberato

Rating: 6.9

Actress Dakota Fanning could star in the title role.

In Mia's life, everything turns out just fine - she has a loving young man named Adam and a wonderful family that does not interfere with the romance of two young people. The girl loves classical music and can not live a day without her beloved cello. But sooner or later, the tale comes to an end. Mia's family had a terrible accident. Everyone died, but the girl survived and fell into a coma. Doctors are struggling to save Mia. The heroine’s soul should choose two possible options - to stay on Earth or to set off after relatives and to be with them forever.

Let's goodbye! (Lola Versus)


A country: USA

Genre: Romance, comedy

Producer: Daryl Wayne

Release date: April 24, 2012 - in the world, September 20, 2012 - in Russia

The main roles were played by: Zoe Lister Jones, Greta Herwig, Yuel Kinnaman, Bill Pullman

Rating: 5.0

The famous actor Orlando Bloom claimed the main role in the film.

Lola and Luke are a happy young couple. A few weeks remain before the wedding, but Luke says that between them it's all over. Lola is depressed and cannot find a place. Maybe the whole thing is that the girl does not like herself? The heroine completely rethinks her life and seems to find inner harmony.

Eat Pray Love (Eat Pray Love)


A country: USA

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Producer: Ryan Murphy

Premiere: August 13, 2010 - in the world, October 7, 2010 - in Russia

Starred in the film: Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, Javier Bardem, Viola Davis, Mike O'Malley, James Franco

Rating: 6.8

Actress Julia Roberts earned $ 10 million after the release of the film.

Elizabeth was sure that, having found the man of her dreams, she would be happy and find peace of mind. However, married life does not completely suit her, and she files for divorce. The heroine goes to sunny Italy to enjoy the colorful landscapes and find inspiration. After the girl goes to India, where she wants to learn the art of meditation. But the most amazing discoveries await a girl on the island of Bali. How will the fascinating journey end, and will Elizabeth be finally happy?

Frequencies of Love (OXV: The Manual)


A country: Australia, UK

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

Producer: Darren Fisher

Premiere: July 24, 2013 - in the world

Starring: Owen Pug, Elinor Wilde, Daniel Fraser, Dylan Llewelyn, Tom England

Rating: 6.5

Most children are named after famous scientists.

Imagine that everything constantly falls out of your hands, and luck mother does not want to turn her charming face in any way. The film takes place in a world where your level of intelligence and luck is predetermined from birth. In the center of the film is a modest kid named Zach, who is extremely unlucky. The hero falls in love with a sweet but modest girl Marie, who is lucky always and everywhere. Opposites are said to attract. Will the heroes be able to build a relationship?

Enter the Void


A country: France, Germany, Italy, Canada

Genre: Fantasy drama

Producer: Gaspard Noe

Premiere: May 22, 2009 - in the world, April 29, 2010 - in Russia

Starring: Cyril Roy, Pas de la Huerta, Nathaniel Brown, Ollie Alexander, Ed Speer

Rating: 7.2

Almost all the dialogues in the film are pure improvisation of the actors.

Oscar is a young guy who is used to making a living selling drugs. He does not step away from his sister Linda. The main characters made a promise in childhood to constantly be together and always take care of each other. One day, Oscar gets caught in a police raid and gets a bullet. His soul soars above the city, refusing to fly into the kingdom of the dead. Oscar's restless spirit suffers from constant hallucinations and unbearable nightmares.



A country: Russia

Genre: Drama

Producer: Ira Volkova

Premiere Date: April 24, 2014 - in the world, April 24, 2014 - in Russia

Cast:Evgeny Stychkin, Vladimir Menshov, Agniya Kuznetsova, Alexei Yudnikov, Roman Artemyev, Sergey Ovchinnikov

Rating: 6.6

Each story contains its own style, mood and rhythm. All stories are very different from each other.

This is one of those films with meaning and about life that changes consciousness and outlook on life. After viewing you will not be the same. Every man’s greatest fear is to remain lonely forever. How bad it is when there is no one nearby who could just listen and support in difficult times. The plot revolves around five short stories. Ordinary people with painful stories in which the viewer can easily find himself. The desire to be heard is what really matters and makes sense.

Another Earth


Country: USA

Genre: Fiction, Drama

Director: Mike Cahill

Release date: January 24, 2011 - in the world, October 13, 2011 - in Russia

Starring: Brit Marling, Robin Lord Taylor, William Mapother, Jordan Baker, Kumar Pallana

Rating: 7.0

It is known that a space flight in duration took 1 hour 48 minutes. In the film, a broadcaster at a radio station says the flight took several days. There was a mistake in the movie.

Scientists have discovered in the solar system a double of the planet Earth. Islands, oceans, countries, cities, icebergs, mountains and even people are all identical. An ambitious student gets into a terrible car accident, as a result of which the family of the famous composer dies. The girl thinks that on the copy of the planet Earth you can find the same family of the great musician. What really awaits the heroine?



A country: USA, Indonesia

Genre: Fiction, drama

Producer: Drake Dorimus

Premiere: September 5, 2015 - in the world, July 14, 2016 - in Russia

Starring: Nicholas Holty, Guy Pierce, Kristen Stewart, Jackie Weaver, David Selby, Toby Hass

Rating: 6.0

All characters in the film have short hair. And these are not wigs. The actors intentionally cut their hair in order to make everything look as natural as possible.

The film takes place in the near future. Silas is one of the Equals. Equals are peaceful and kind people who do not know what love, fear and hatred are. Once the feelings of all the inhabitants were awakened again, now they are subject to various emotional states. If the government finds at least one "infected", it instantly isolates from the whole society. Silas is forced to look for a way to survive. He meets a girl who understands what Silas feels now.

If you like to watch films with a deep and thoughtful plot, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best psychological films with meaning. The presented adaptations not only make you think about life values, but also completely change your worldview.

A Serious Man


Production: USA, UK, France

Genre: Drama, comedy

Producer: Ethan Cohen, Joel Cohen

Release date: September 12, 2009 - in the world, February 25, 2010 - in Russia

Actors: Michael Stulbarg, Aaron Woolf, Sari Lennick, Richard Kind, Jessica McManus

Rating: 6.8

After the film in the credits you can read the funny phrase "Not a single Jew was injured during the filming of the film."

Larry Gopnik is experiencing a series of big problems. His wife openly cheats on him with another man, his son is a loafer, accustomed to sitting on the neck of his parents, and in his free time he is not averse to smoking marijuana. The daughter steals money and does not take into account the opinion of her father. At work, Larry also has a lot of trouble - the authorities are threatening to fire an employee. How to find a way out of this situation when problems have surrounded you like a huge snowball? At this moment, Larry begins to wonder, but what is the value of life? How is the main character going to solve all the problems?

Peaceful Warrior


A country: USA, Germany

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Producer: Victor Salva

Release date: June 2, 2006 - in the world, December 5, 2009 - in Russia

The main roles were played by: Scott Mehlowitz, Amy Smart, Nick Nolte, Ashton Holmes

Rating: 7.7

The slogan of the film "No ordinary moments."

Dan Millman is a talented gymnast from Berkeley College. The guy has everything that is needed for a luxurious life - cool parties, loyal friends, a loving family, girls regularly pay attention to the young man and show him signs of attention. Dan has a dream - to speak at the Olympics and win gold. One day, the main character gets into a terrible accident, as a result of which his legs are injured. Dan meets a man named Socrates. A new friend becomes not only a real coach for an athlete, but also helps to make the right choice in life.



A country: Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland

Genre: Drama

Producer: Ben Wheatley

Premiere: September 13, 2015 - in the world, April 14, 2016 - in Russia

Starring: Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Moss, Luke Evans

Rating: 5.6

Almost all the characters in the film smoke.

Robert Lang wants to forget his old life and start all over again. He moves to a huge multi-story building. The large building has everything that is necessary for a comfortable life. The architect built the skyscraper in such a way that people would not deny themselves anything. The first floors are home to the poor, and the upper floors are the elite of society. Is such a division into rich and poor? Will there soon be conflicts between the layers of society?

Cloud Atlas


A country: USA, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong

Genre: Fiction, action

Producer: Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykver, Lilly Wachowski

Release date: September 8, 2012 - in the world, November 8, 2012 - in Russia

Cast: Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent, Holly Berry, Jim Sturgess

Rating: 7.7

Actress Holly Berry broke her leg while filming.

The film tells about six stories occurring at different times. All of them are closely intertwined. Almost all the heroes of the film are the reincarnation of the same soul.

Bicentennial Man


A country: USA, Germany

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Comedy

Producer: Chris Columbus

Premiere Date: December 13, 1999 - in the world, April 6, 2000 - in Russia

Starred in the film: Robin Williams, Sam Neal, Ambet Davidz, Kirsten Warren, Wendy Crewson

Rating: 7.9

Events in the film occupy a time period of exactly 200 years.

The near future. An assistant robot in the house is quite common. The Martin family decides to acquire a new mechanical friend. At first glance, Andrew’s robot is no different from the rest. But then the technological machine begins to experience emotions - fun, sadness, joy, despair. It is noteworthy that he wants to learn something new and is constantly drawn to knowledge. Turns out Andrew is a man. Now he needs to achieve recognition of the whole society.

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We have compiled a list of the best life films worth watching. Sometimes funny comedies and dynamic action films are annoying and I want to get acquainted with such adaptations, after watching which you begin to think about serious philosophical issues and life values. The top features both Russian and foreign films. Enjoy watching!

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