Kirill Serebrennikov about the death of Jurassic


February 8, 2019 was marked by a sad event - in the morning the people's artist of the RSFSR, the Soviet and Russian actor, theater and film director Sergei Yurievich Yursky died of a cardiac arrest. Of the most famous and popular works of Sergei, the following projects can be noted: "Republic of ShKID" (1966), where the actor played Vikniksora, "Golden Calf" (1968), "Love and Pigeons" (1984). The funeral service for the actor is scheduled for February 11, and the funeral will be held at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

“... A man who is recklessly in love with the Affair, the Theater, the Art, without his highest standard of criteria, giving him the absolute right to openly say what is valuable and what is slag ...”

Director Kirill Serebrennikov (judging by the latest news from 8-02-2019 from social networks), who is currently under house arrest, also decided to say goodbye to his teacher and mentor. Earlier, Sergei Yursky stood up for Cyril and repeatedly expressed his innocence in the case, in which the director passes as a suspect. Serebrennikov conveyed his speech through a lawyer, and then the words of farewell were published on the Gogol Center's Instagram account. Cyril says that Jurassic was literally in love with his work, in theater and art, and with his departure the value system of the Gogol Center lost its professional style and landmark. Several times in the commentary follows the phrase: "NOW WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITHOUT JURSKY." The director also expresses great gratitude for everything that the actor did to him: for a meeting, for funny stories, for the talented gestures of a real Actor; and expresses sympathy for the wife of Jurassic - Natalia.

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