Strange City - a fantastic series like the Black Mirror

Not a single series and film has been shot about the world with a clear division into rich and poor, without a middle class. However, what will it look like if you imagine that such a division will be in the future with advanced technological progress? As can be seen from the trailer of the series “Strange City” (release date is February 2019), the main actors tried to convey an atmosphere that, according to the laws of the genre, should be dystopian, but came out more like a satire.

The weird city


Genre: comedy, science fiction

Producer: Adam Bershtein, Amy Hackerling

World premiere: February 13, 2019

Actors: Dylan O'Brien, Anthony Holliday, Sarah Gilbert, Emily Kosloski, Pam Murphy, Camille Knox, Ithamar Enriquez, Sean Buckholz, Sinti U, Vladimir John Perez, LeVar Burton.

Rating: Movie Search - 6.4, IMDb - 5.9

Although basically the majority of popular TV shows are produced by the Netflix channel, Strange City first appeared on the Youtube Originals platform and is now fully available in Russian.


The future with advanced technological progress, which so many contemporaries dream of, has come. The city in which the main events take place has the corresponding name - Strange. The Strange City has its own peculiarity: it is divided by the Line into two parts, in one of which live wealthy people, and in the second - those who can be called poor.

But even after a year, human curiosity does not become a less acute quality for many. Each episode shows the Strange City, as well as its inhabitants, from a new perspective: someone is looking for adventure, someone is love, and someone is just trying to understand and change something in their life.

Each series carries its own morality, but does not seek to teach the viewer something. It just shows the possible situations and how the characters can behave in them, and the viewer makes his own conclusions.

Director and shooting

Back in June 2018, it was announced that Youtube would shoot a series consisting of six episodes. Directors became Adam  Bernstein (“Breaking Bad” 2018-2013, “Clinic” 2001-2010) and Amy heckerling (“Office” 2005-2013, “Red Oaks” 2014-2017).

Filming began in the summer of 2018 in Los Angeles, California. They were not static in the issue of location, and several areas of the city were involved at once for a more realistic picture.

Adam Bernstein, Amy Heckerling


Due to the fact that in each episode there are different characters that are not interconnected with each other, the cast is quite diverse.

Starred in the series:

  • Dylan O'Brien (“Werewolf,” “New Girl,” “Deep Sea Horizon”);
  • Anthony Holliday (Star Trek: Voyager, Defective Detective);
  • Sarah Gilbert (Poison Ivy, The Big Bang Theory);
  • Emily Kosloski (“Thinking like a criminal”, “Shameless”);
  • Pam Murphy (“An Evening With Jimmy Fallon,” “Adam Spoils Everything”);
  • Camille Knox (Key and Peel);
  • Ithamar Enriquez (“How I Met Your Mother”);
  • Sean Buckholz (“Think Like a Criminal,” “How I Met Your Mother”);
  • Sinti U (“American Vandal”, “Matrix of Time”);
  • Vladimir John Perez (Brooklyn 9-9, American Family)
  • LeVar Burton (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Voyager”).


"The series is an amazing combination of satire and science fiction," Strange City "fully justifies its own name, and even sets trends in its own genre," - Rotten Tomatoes.

“The style of The Strange City is quite peculiar, and the castes are interesting enough to give him a chance, despite the shortcomings of anthropology,” The Variety.

Interesting Facts

The series is often compared with the satirical version of the acclaimed “Black Mirror”. Like the Black Mirror, it is anthropology, much is tied to technologies and people's relationships to each other, and there is no clearly defined morality.

However, in order to compare, you need to be familiar with both series. And if you can see the “Black Mirror” for several years, then in the case of the “Strange City” there was not much time to get acquainted. It’s already seen from the trailer that the actors were selected interestingly, therefore the series “Strange City” should not disappoint, and the release date does not need to be expected: from February 2019 all episodes are available.

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