Developed - sci-fi by director of Annihilation

The release date of the new FX series “Developed” is scheduled for 2019, the actors are known, but the trailer is not yet available for viewing. He will tell the audience the intriguing story of a female engineer whose boyfriend is missing. Once she discovers that his disappearance is somehow connected with the activities of the company, for which the main character works.

The expectation rating of the series is estimated at 99%.



Genre: thriller, fiction, drama

Producer: Alex garland

World Release: 2019

Cast: Karl Glusman, Zack Grenier, Jin Ha, Stephen Henderson, Akshay Kumar, Sonya Mizuno, Aimee Mullins, Nick Offerman, Alison Pill, Oliver Powell and others.

Whose fault was the mysterious disappearance (and possible death) of the young man of the main character?


The story tells about a young girl Lily, who is engaged in computer engineering. She will have to solve the mystery of the secret unit of her own employer - an advanced technology company located in San Francisco, which, according to Lily, is implicated in the disappearance of her boyfriend ...

Director and shooting

On March 13, 2018, it was announced that FX had ordered a busy episode for production. The script was written by Alex Garland, who was also supposed to become a director and executive producer ("28 Days Later", "Beach", "Heat", "From the Car", "Annihilation"). On July 23, 2018, Rob Hardy (Memories of the Future, Broken, Mission Impossible: Consequences) mentioned in an interview that he would be the operator of the series.

Alex garland

On August 3, 2018, during the annual summer press tour of the Association of Television Critics, it was announced that FX decided to order a full-fledged production of the series, consisting of eight episodes that premiered in 2019. Additional executive producers included Andrew MacDonald, Allon Reich, Eli Bush, and Scott Rudin.

Actors and roles

  • Karl Glusman in the role of Sergey (Gypsy, Love, Neon Demon, Under the Cover of the Night, Starship Troopers: Invasion);
  • Zack Grenier as Kenton (Fight Club, Good Wife, Brainless, Maximum Risk);
  • Jin Ha as Jamie ("20 Years," "God");
  • Stephen Henderson as Stuart (Immortal, Fences, Third Shift, Black List);
  • Akshay Kumar as Ray (Homeland, Legends, Star Wars: The Last Jedi);
  • Sonya Mizuno as Lily ("Maniac", "Out of Car", "Nerves on the Limit", "La La Land");
  • Amy Mullins in the role of Ani ("Very Strange Things", "Poirot", "Power in the Night City", "Fields of Darkness");
  • Nick Offerman in the role of Forest ("Parks and Recreation Areas", "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl", "Walk in the Woods");
  • Alison Pill as Catti (News Service, The Dangerous Game of Sloan, Scott Pilgrim Against Everyone);
  • Oliver Powell as Ozzy (Justice League, Galavant, Taboo).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The executive director of the Fx television channel, John Landgraf, spoke about the series: “After reading all 8 scenarios and listening to Alex’s brilliant idea, along with a proposal to shoot all 8 episodes, we easily agreed to put Razrabov into production. Alex is a visionary creator who put together an amazing cast” ;
  • Alex Garland was nominated for an Oscar 2016 for the series Out of the Car as the best screenwriter.

The series “Developed” with the release date in 2019 and with famous actors is intriguing, and the trailer, which is due to be released soon, will only reveal the plot details and show the actors in quite interesting and new images.