Avengers: Final - New Trailer and Forecast

Already very little is left to wait until the stunning premiere of the 2019 film “Avengers 4: Final”, from the box office which they expect (attention!) As much as $ 3 billion! If the film still manages to collect such a huge amount, then it will become the highest grossing film project of all time. And something tells her that she can still collect them, because pre-ordering tickets for the premiere broke an absolute record in just 6 hours, and the load on the servers was so great that some even stopped working.

It is expected that the last “Avengers” will collect more than $ 220 million for the first weekend, and by the end of it - $ 800 million. However, an obstacle for large gatherings may be the timing of 3 hours, which means a decrease in movie showings.

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Video: The official trailer for the movie Avengers: Final.

Not so long ago, the new 3rd trailer in Russian “Avengers 4: Final” unexpectedly came to light, the analysis of which has already been carried out by many fans and fans. Since in the “Infinity War” Thanos nevertheless fulfilled his plan, destroying half the world's population, many of Marvel’s characters lost friends, relatives and friends.

What remains of the survivors, whose hearts Iron Man (who nevertheless did not die in space, but flew to Earth), Captain America, the recently joined captain Marel, Black Widow, Ant-Man, etc.?

Of course, go to your last battle: the remaining Avengers board the Guardians of the Galaxy ship and fly towards Thanos, who is already ready to meet them, dressed in full military clothing. Will they be able to return all the lost heroes, and if so, how? This remains the main mystery of the upcoming film, as well as whether someone will die (there is an opinion that it will be Captain America or Iron Man) in the battle with the powerful titan Thanos.

There is such a theory: for the battle with titan, the heroes will go back in time - many fans began to speak out about it, seeing white costumes of quantum reality in the trailer.

Recall that the Russian premiere of "Avengers: Final" will be held on April 29. By the way, Marvel is engaged in marketing activities with might and main, part of which are the collectible figures of the Avengers Funko POP, which, just like the screen characters, are exposed in costumes of quantum reality. In the meantime, it’s clear that the box office of the 2019 film “Avengers: Final” will be able to break world records.

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Captain Marvel, Hawkeye

Ant Man, Black Widow

Nebula, Tony Stark

Thor, Professor Hulk

Captain America, Warrior