Toothy news about sharks - TOP-5

What secrets do the oceans hide? Every year, scientists discover new species of marine life. Sometimes they come in such a bizarre form that involuntarily the directors have ideas to make films about huge and scary monsters. The fantasy of the creators knows no bounds.

Sharks with six heads, giant killer octopuses, piranha with incredibly sharp teeth, bloodthirsty squids - which creatures will we see again?

We offer you to watch the Top 5 most recent films about sharks of 2018 (pictures in the list are distributed by rating).

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Sharks: Extinction (Sharkwater Extinction)



Genre: Documentary

Producer: Rob Stewart

World Release Date - September 7, 2018

Starring: R. Stewart, W. Allen, B. Cahill, R. Domingo, M. Stewart, R. Walton

Rating: 8.4

The film's tagline is, "Every year, 150 million sharks disappear. You will be shocked to find out where they find themselves."

The famous activist and director Rob Stewart witnesses that pirate fishing is beginning to cross all sorts of permissible boundaries. Stewart, along with the film crew, goes to investigate the crime of the massacre of marine life.

Meg: The Monster of Depth (The Meg)


USA, China

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Action

Producer: John Turtletaub

Release date: in the world - August 8, 2018, in Russia - August 9, 2018

Starring: D. State, L. Bingbing, R. Wilson, W. Chao, P. Kennedy, R. Rose, R. Taylor

Rating: 5.8

Eli Roth could get a role in the film, but the actor chose to take part in the project "Death Thirst".

Five years ago, experienced diver Jonas Taylor collided with something gigantic and terrifying at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. In these terrible moments, Jonas thought only of himself - he abandoned his team and became the only one who managed to survive after meeting with megalodon. According to scientists, the sea creature became extinct several million years ago, so the diver’s claims have been criticized. A few years later, a new expedition is going to be sent back to uncharted depths to verify the existence of a megalodon. The operation did not go according to plan - something gigantic rammed the bathyscaphe, and it sank to the bottom. They turn to Jonas Taylor for help, because only he can save the crew and get even with the daring “fish” for the last meeting.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time



Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Fantasy, Action, Thriller

Producer: Anthony Ferrante

World premiere - August 19, 2018

Cast cast: J. Ziering, T. Reed, K. Skerbo, B. Petritstso, D. Friedlander, T. Rex

Rating: 4.3

The main character of the film Fin at the beginning of the film pronounces the phrase "Oh Lord." This is a reference to the quantum leap series, where Sam Beckett repeats this phrase at the end of each episode.

New movies about killer sharks are terrifying and ruthless. The presented picture will make you flinch more than once from fear and even climb under the covers! It was pleasant sunny weather. Suddenly the clouds began to thicken, the wind began to howl and poured rain. No one could have imagined that the coastal city would be gripped by a giant hurricane sweeping away everything in its path. But this is only half the trouble. Huge waves began to throw ashore bloodthirsty sharks who were not averse to tasting a piece of delicious humanity. The city’s authorities cannot do anything. The brave hero Fin comes into play, who will have to go back in time and somehow influence the forces of nature so that a catastrophe does not happen. A man will risk his life, come to grips with sharks, and he will know fear tearing away the soul. But can the daredevil survive the dangerous adventures?

Deep Blue Sea 2



Genre: Horror, Fiction, Action, Thriller

Producer: Daryn scott

World premiere - April 17, 2018

Cast: D. Savre, R. Mayes, M. Beach, N. Lynn, C. Sister, C. Robertson, D. Calligan

Rating: 3.8

The motion picture is a remake of the cult film "Deep Blue Sea" directed by Rennie Harlin.

The list of horror films about sharks is constantly updated - we recommend the newest films of 2018. Shark specialist Misty Calhoun arrives on top-secret project of billionaire Karl Durant, who is looking for a cure for serious illnesses. Arriving at the research center, the hero is horrified to learn that dangerous experiments were carried out on local sharks. As a result of research, marine inhabitants began to possess high intelligence. Now they will hunt people to demonstrate their mind in practice. Can Misty stop the killer predators?

Hex Shark Attack (6-Headed Shark Attack)



Genre: Horror, Fiction, Action, Thriller

Producer: Mark Atkins

Release in the world - August 18, 2018

Cast: B. Ore, T. Cebe, C. Newman, T. Musvosvi, D. Pienaar

Rating: 3.1

The shark in the film can move on land!

A couple in love arrives on a tropical island located in the middle of the ocean. All day long the heroes bathe in warm water, sunbathe in the sun, drink strawberry cocktails and have fun. Is it really paradise? Calm is disturbed by a giant monster with six heads, which has finally awakened and is ready to go hunting. Who will be the next victim of a bloodthirsty killer shark? Will the main characters not only survive this nightmare and save their lives, but also maintain a love relationship?

On August 15, 2019 a new movie about sharks “Blue Abyss 2” (47 Meters Down: Uncaged) is released. The thriller will tell about a dangerous undertaking to explore underwater caves and an unexpected meeting with predators.

Details about the movie:Blue Abyss 2 - Second Shark Dive

On August 22, 2019, the American thriller “Trap”, directed by Alexander Azh, will appear on the screens.

Details about the movie: Trap - new horror from the director "The Hills Have Eyes"

In childhood, we watched a lot of films in which we were scared by huge anacondas hiding in water or thickets. Often we were horrified at the sight of sea monsters, whose dimensions were so huge that we wanted to immediately turn off the film. Such adaptations scare us, but it is they that make it possible to catch a wave of adrenaline, to plunge into the world of science fiction and to escape a little from life's problems. We recommend that you definitely check out the latest shark movies of 2018.