Will the old characters come back in the guise of white walkers

Representatives of the HBO channel, long before the start of season 8, delighted the fans, saying that in the final they would be expected to return many unexpected heroes who would play a very important role in the ending. And also part of these same old characters of Game of Thrones will become zombies - but which of them will return in the form of white walkers?

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The first one to be noted is the Ghost, John Snow's loyal wolfwolf, whom all fans have already missed. In the fall of 2018, Joe Bayer, Game of Thrones supervisor, announced that the Ghost would return for sure. In addition, he will become an extremely important game figure in the plot and will take a lot of screen time.

It takes a lot of work with graphics and editing to create a lutewolf on screens, so I didn't have to watch it last season.

But the comeback of the lute-wolf Arya is in doubt. There is no information on this subject, however, Macy Williams (Arya Stark) in one interview uttered a phrase that hopes for an improvement in her heroine’s relationship with “one old friend”.

The death of Arya Stark in season 8: true or practical joke.

Ned Stark

Actor Sean Bean in an interview confirmed information about his presence on the set of season 8, which may mean that he participated in the filming of some scenes. According to the theory that in the crypt under the castle of Winterfell, the King of the Night will resurrect the dead Starks, Ned has a chance to degenerate into a vikhut.

Little finger

“Bailish is expecting a lot of interesting things in season 8,” Aidan Gyllen said. And to light up in the finale of “Game of Thrones” Littlefinger has the opportunity only in the role of a white walker.

However, there is another theory: Arya will take the face of Bailish to get closer to Cersei in his guise,

Wanderer and Yakin Khar

Faye Marsay, the performer of the role of the Tramp, which Arya killed in season 6, was seen filming in Spain with Tom Vlashikha.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo could also come back in a dream, because actor Jason Momoa most of all "glowed" on the set.

Who else can you expect to join the King of the Night army: the good firing of Hodor and Lady the Heartless (Katileen Stark).

Whether one of the old characters of the Game of Thrones will return in the form of white walkers, one can only guess, but many facts indicate this. Yes, and how else can one explain the frightened Arya running away from someone in Winterfell's crypt.