What will happen in episode 2 of season 8

The release date for Episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones is April 22, 2019, but the next episode’s promo is available now, so it’s time to parse. Consider what awaits the audience in the second series, as well as a possible scenario that appeared on the network with a description of the events.

Interesting:Analysis of 1 series of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones - what will happen next.

What showed in the promo

It’s worth starting with the fact that Jaime Lanister arrived in Winterfell, leaving Cersei to join forces in the fight against the King of the Night along with others and help the North.

Trial of Jaime

The video shows how the regicide stands in front of Daenerys, Sansa and John in the large palace of Winterfell, where all the meetings take place.

Already now in the center of the table is not John, but Burerozhennaya herself. Snow and Lady Winterfell are seated on both hands from her.

The scene itself is like a trial with the accused, the judges and the jury. Would Jaime regret that he had left Cersei, having arbitrarily arrived at the "tear" of the northerners. Yes, and Tyrion is no longer in place of the Queen’s right hand - did Daenerys deprive him of his status?

Retinue of the Bureroborn

Judging by the frames where Daenerys quickly passes by Tyrion, Sir Jorach and Waris, tension arose between the participants in this scene. The Queen’s right hand already has much less influence on Daney, as evidenced by his discouraged look. But Jorah does stand looking down.

Perhaps Jaime was ordered to be taken to prison, and that is why Tyrion was most dumbfounded in this scene.

Sansa and Daenerys

The dialogue between Lady Winterfell and the Queen of Dragons does not lead the heroines to a peaceful agreement, because Sansa drops the phrase that Daenerys should not be trusted, just like Cersei should not be trusted.

However, the girls are already talking to each other, which means that there is still hope for finding a common language.

Perhaps the point of contact in the views will be a common enemy in the person of Cersei.

Start of battle

The northerners are already running to take up fighting positions, the Dothraki run out of the gate to meet the enemies, Arya shoots from a bow, at the blacksmith's house will buy work to make weapons from dragon glass, John Snow leaves the castle gate with a bewildered and frightened face, Tormund returned to Winterfell and reports that little time left:

“- Until tomorrow's sunrise.”

Mormont pulls out the sword of the house “Heartbreaker” from the scabbard of the house of Trley — it was probably handed to Jorah by Sam. It remains incomprehensible only the moment when the main battle still takes place - at night or in the afternoon. Indeed, judging by the trailer and frames from it, the main battles will not happen exactly in the daytime.

Confession of John Daenerys

Probably, it was in episode 2 during the scene in the crypt that Daney found out about Snow's true origin, which would make her very upset. This can be judged by the frames of the main trailer.

Scenario 2 Series - Spoilers

What awaits viewers in the new episode:

  1. The decisive conversation in the crypts of Winterfell between Daenerys and John, the dialogue promises to be emotional and long. While Snow and Daney are upset and do not know what to do next;
  2. Theon will arrive at Winterfell;
  3. Jaime will succeed in gaining the trust of the northerners: at first they will judge him and hate him, and then they will take him to a team to fight others, since the regicide will prove that he is no longer on Cersei’s side, revealing all his sister’s true plans. In addition, Tyrion will stand up for his blood brother;
  4. Quibern imposes new orders in the capital of the 7 Kingdoms, which will please Cersei. He also, by the will of his queen, will give new directions to Euron - to move to the North in order to attack Winterfell with his golden swords;
  5. Winterfell will continue to actively prepare for the battle with the others: behind the dug ditch, the Dothraki and immaculate will take up positions, on the wall at the castle gates - northerners;
  6. Bran intends to melt the Altar of Winter with icy stones and a felled Tree (the place where the first white walkers were created), which appeared to him in visions, where he and John and Daenerys would go;
  7. Sam and Lily will discuss the end of the Long Winter - what the ending might be. In addition, Sam will be able to find in the books something new and valuable that he will hasten to tell Bran;
  8. The viewer learns about the Daenerys pregnancy;
  9. At the end of the series, Melisandra will arrive to the North. Jendry gets very angry, and Sir Davos wants to execute the red witch. Tyrion will be joking with Jendry that he did not have a very good experience in bed with Melisandra. By the way, it will cause jealousy in Arya;
  10. Bran will hasten to defend the red priestess, stating that Melisandra has her own role in this game.

At the end of the series, Daenerys and John will approach the lands of eternal winter, after which they will begin to melt the main Altar, fighting off the army of other zombies. And just at that moment, the King of the Night will come to the North. The sound of the horn will interrupt the conversations that the heroes lead inside the northern castle. This means that the enemy is already at the doorstep.

The release date for the 2 episode 8 of the Game of Thrones season is April 22, 2019, the pro-video for the second episode of the series in Russian (with Russian subtitles) can be viewed below.