Episode 3 Game of Thrones - The Long Night

What happened in episode 3 of season 8 of the Game of Thrones - Long Night (below are the content spoilers and plot description), what were the main events, who won? With every minute the tension grew, a minimum of dialogues, only excited sighs were heard, and the fear of the unknown was felt. And while watching, it was impossible to allow the thought that the King of the Night could be defeated. There seems to be no hope. As you know, the third episode was based on the Battle of Helmova Padi (The Lord of the Rings), which was inspired by the creators of the series, in particular Miguel Sapochnik, the director of one of the episodes of season 8.

All fan theories are destroyed, the plot turned around 380 degrees. The series is striking in its huge scope and unexpected twists.

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The unequal battle and the mission of Arya

Key moments of the 3rd series:

  • The pathetic appearance of Melissandra, who with the help of a spell set fire to the swords of the Dothraki;
  • The North quickly lost its cavalry, because the Dothraki who rushed into battle were quickly defeated by the undead army;
  • Almost immediately, it becomes clear that the North is doomed. All plans are crumbling, like a house of cards, a battle is fought on the ground and in the air, where the King of the Night on horseback in Vizerion hunts for Drogan with Daenerys, and John flies to protect her on Reigal. Later, the dragon Dany was attacked by hundreds of rebel zombies, and she herself was forced to remain virtually defenseless on the battlefield;
  • The dog, Sandora Cleagan, was very frightened by the fire, so he hid behind the wall. But he was ready to risk everything to save Arya, which he did, thanks to which he remained alive. Edd Tolett will die, saving Sam's life, and Berik, protecting Arya in the cellars of the castle;
  • The tragic death of Liana - but the girl, being the smallest participant in the battle, heroically killed a giant giant. Now the title of “Giant Death” belongs to Liana, but not to Tormund;
  • Winterfell’s crypts weren’t so safe. After all, with the approach of the white walkers and the King of the Night, all the dead Starks rebelled and attacked the women and children hiding there, Sansa, Missandei and Tyrion with Varis. The fans are probably moved by the scene where Tyrion and Sansa hide behind the wall, preparing for the inevitable. Will the old characters return in the guise of white walkers;
  • Theon will also remain with the viewer in the memory of the hero, because he died consciously, defending Bran. Theon was not afraid to go to the King of the Night “with his bare hands”, thereby fulfilling his mission, and the character’s line was logically completed;
  • Jorah Marmont died defending his Queen Daenerys from rebellious zombies. He died in her arms, giving his life to protect her;
  • Arya fulfilled her real mission and, thanks to the prompting of Melissandra, dealt the main blow to the King of the Night. We must not forget about the great prophecy from the first episodes of the series about "closed blue eyes";
  • When the King of the Night, surrounded by his retinue, finally reached Bogoroshcha and was already a centimeter away from his cherished target, and it seemed that nothing could stop him from killing Bran, Arya overtook him from behind and then dealt a sharp and crushing blow that destroyed not only the Night King, but also his entire empire. Arya defeated the King of the Night.

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Now it’s clear why the first 2 episodes were “warming up” with a minimum number of plot twists - they were a long exposure before the main events of the “Long Night”, the equatorial 3 episode of the 8th season of “Game of Thrones”, and, despite the description of the plot, the content of the episode and spoilers ., who won in fact, time will tell. The victory over the King of the Night is only the beginning, because the main battle is yet to come.

What do you think of the final scene of the third episode?

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