Motivational films about sports

What difficulties do athletes go through to become Olympic champions? To answer this question, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of Russian and foreign films about sports based on real events.

Trainer (McFarland, USA)


Genre: Drama, biography, sport

World Release Date - February 9, 2015

Rating: 7.6

Real Jim White resigned in 2003. The coach held office for twenty-three years.

The film tells about professional football specialist Jim White. In 1987, the coach and his family moved to the small town of MacFarland, where most of the population are Hispanics. Jim gets a job as an ordinary school coach and notices two boys who run incredibly fast for their age. White intends to create a team of athletes and turn yesterday's hooligans and tomboys into real world champions.

Wild league


Genre: Crime, adventure

Release in the world - October 24, 2019

For the sake of the role, actor Vladimir Yaglych grew a beard to look more like his character.

Wild League (2019) - a film about the appearance of football in the Russian Empire.

In the early 1900s, an ordinary guy from the village of Varlam moved to Moscow and met with the owner of an English football club, who invited him to show his abilities in a new team. Varlam is obsessed with the game, but he is unable to find a common language with partners in the club who do not want to have friendly relations with the uncouth guy from the Volga. Then Varlam together with the merchant Balashov creates his own team. Thanks to these two guys, football in Russia is becoming a folk game.

Legend number 17


Genre: Sports, drama, biography

Premiere: in the world - April 18, 2013, in Russia - April 18, 2013

Rating: 8.0

Actor Danila Kozlovsky learned to play hockey for four months.

"Legend No. 17" is a film about the great athlete Valery Kharlamov, based on real events. The plot of the film tells about the period of Kharlamov’s life from the moment he met the constant coach Anatoly Tarasov. The hockey player climbed Olympus of glory from the bottom. First, Kharlamov performed in the lower division, and then became the main star of Moscow CSKA. The match in Montreal for the USSR national team was remembered forever - then the Soviet team defeated the Canadians without any chance. The hero scored 2 important goals. Athletic talent and constant work on himself allowed the striker to achieve worldwide recognition.

Nureyev. The White Crow

Great Britain, France

Genre: Drama, biography

Release date: in the world - August 31, 2018, in Russia - April 20, 2019

Rating: 7.2

The slogan of the film is "Dance to Freedom."

This is a biography film about a Soviet dancer - “Nureyev. White Raven".

"Nureyev. The White Raven" is one of the most popular films with a high rating, telling about the star of the world ballet Rudolf Nureyev. He spent his childhood in Ufa, and in the early 1960s Rudolph moved to beautiful Paris, refusing to return back to his homeland. Nureyev gets acquainted with a new way of life, makes friends and buddies, while losing contact with what he loved and hated in the USSR.

Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams


Genre: Drama, biography

World premiere - 2019

This is the first feature film about the Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

“Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams ”is a drama about the fate of the legendary Soviet athlete.

“Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams” is a motivating film about sports that tells about what the athlete had to go through for the sake of world recognition. The legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin had many nicknames - “Black Spider”, “Black Panther” and even “Black Octopus”. His flexibility and brilliant vision of the field could only be envied. In the mid-50s, the USSR team won the most significant trophies in football, largely thanks to the Soviet legend. Once at the World Championships in Chile, everything went according to plan - the team failed, and Yashin was considered the culprit in the defeat. He had to leave for a while to return and again loudly declare himself. Lev Yashin is the only goalkeeper in the history of football who received the Golden Ball.



Genre: Melodrama, sports

World premiere - 2020

Actor Alexander Petrov, playing the role of Eduard Streltsov, plays football very well in life, so most of the scenes were shot without the help of an understudy.

“Sagittarius” Ilya Uchitel’s new film about the football player Eduard Streltsov.

We recommend watching the sports film "Sagittarius" based on real events. The plot of the picture tells about the Soviet forward “Torpedo” and the USSR national football team Eduard Streltsov. He is the rising star of football. By the age of 20, he had everything that you could dream of. But once the life of a football player abruptly turns over when a statement appears on the table of the investigator. Streltsov is accused of rape. Many waited for the confrontation between Streltsov and Pele at the World Cup, but instead he will face brutal showdown in prison.

Tonya against all (I, Tonya)


Genre: Comedy, drama, biography

Premiere: in the world - September 8, 2017, in Russia - February 1, 2018

Rating: 7.3

Margot Robbie likes to skate in her free time, the actress is even a member of the amateur hockey league.

Throughout her life, the American athlete Tony Harding had to overcome difficulties: a difficult childhood, a difficult youth, an unsuccessful marriage and constant problems with judges, which underestimated her marks in competitions. The obstacles did not end there. The famous skater was involved in the attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan, because of which the girl could not get into the Olympic team.

Maradona (Maradona by Kusturica)

France, Italy

Genre: Sports Documentary

Premiere: in the world - May 20, 2008, in Russia - July 17, 2008

Rating: 7.1

Director Emir Kusturica along with Maradona took part in an anti-American rally.

“Maradona” - a wonderful picture about the football player Diego Maradona, based on real events. The picture tells about the life of a famous Argentine striker. From early childhood, the boy was surrounded by poverty and poverty. But despite the wild living conditions, he not only got out of the slums, but was not afraid to challenge the government of Great Britain and the USA. The film highlights the fight against drug addiction, political views, family relationships, as well as the famous story with the "hand of God."

Borg / McEnroe

Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Genre: Drama, biography, sport

Release date: in the world - September 7, 2017, in Russia - October 5, 2017

Rating: 7.2

For the sake of filming, actor Shia LaBeouf has grown his hair.

The picture "Borg / Mackinroy" occupies a special place in the list of good films that are worth watching for everyone who wants to know a little more about two famous athletes. Björn Borg and John McEnroe are the two most implacable rivals on the tennis court. Different in temperament, style of play, they are ready to give all the best for the sake of victory. The Borg is the embodiment of Scandinavian composure, the tennis player intends to win another championship title, whatever it would cost him. McInroy is known for his extravagant antics, but is considered a rising tennis star. John wants to win his first victory at Wimbledon. Two athletes, but there can only be one victory. Who will win? Rebel John or the powerful hammer Bjorn?

Upward movement


Genre: Sports, drama

Release date: in the world - January 5, 2018, in Russia - December 28, 2017

Rating: 7.6

Actors who play the main roles trained for several hours a day for many months.

"Upward Movement" is a motivational film about sports, telling about the events that took place at the 1972 Munich Olympics. For 36 years, the US basketball team has been an undeniable favorite in any World Cup. The invincible team proved from year to year that it has no equal. No one could have imagined that such a formidable opponent could even be defeated. However, the coach of the USSR national team until recently believed in his team, despite the crazy statistics of the Americans. He made his athletes believe that they could deal with such a formidable opponent on the shoulder.

Race (Rush)

USA, UK, Germany

Genre: Sports, Drama, Biography

Release date: in the world - September 2, 2013, in Russia - October 17, 2013

Rating: 8.1

Chris Hemsworth dropped 14 kg for the role.

In the list of films about athletes based on real events, there is an interesting sports drama "Race", telling about the struggle of two famous racers competing with each other on the Formula 1 track. Charming Englishman James Hunt and perfectionist Austrian Nick Laud will meet again on the racetrack. For the sake of victory, two irreconcilable athletes are ready to push themselves to the limit of physical and psychological endurance. There can be no mistakes. What are Laud and Hunt ready to do to achieve their goal? This is a world of serious sport, in which any slip can be too expensive ...

Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger


Genre: Sports, drama

Premiere in Russia - February 18, 2016

Rating: 6.9

Actress Kristina Asmus, who performed the role of gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, performed most of the tricks herself.

In the center of the film are the real stories of three great Russian athletes - swimmer Alexander Popov, gymnast Svetlana Khorkina and wrestler Alexander Karelin. Each of them had a difficult way to climb to the top, its own unique dramatic story. This is an amazing and motivating film that tells about what feats athletes had to go to become Olympic champions.

Interesting: Biography films about great people.

Many athletes have achieved tremendous success and forever inscribed their name in world history. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of Russian and foreign feature films about sports based on real events.