Height 220 - a film about the exploit of Khanpasha Nuradilov near Stalingrad

The release date of the new national film "Height 220" is set for 2019, the trailer is online, but the cast is still unknown, the plot of the picture is based on real events that occurred in 1942. This picture of the Great War will tell viewers that even one person can win the battle.

Video: Filming


Genre: action, melodrama, military

Producer: Leonid Plyaskin

Premiere in Russia and in the world: end of 2019

Cast: Julia Makarova, Veronika Plyashkevich, Dmitry Pustilnik, Alexander Malushev and others.

The film is based on the real feat of the hero of the Soviet Union Khanpasha Nuradilov, who killed 920 enemy soldiers during the war, and died, having lived only 18 years.


Photo: T. Timakova

Summer of 1942 - precisely at this terrible time events of the picture unfold. Fascist troops are already approaching Stalingrad, but the defenders of Altitude 220 become on their way. The main character of the film, Khanpasha Nuradilov, got into the machine-gun calculation, adding 2 years to himself, and wanting to defend his homeland. At the time of death, this courageous hero, an orphan from the Dagestan village, was only 18 years old. His calculation in an unequal battle destroyed 920 German soldiers and gave the Soviet troops time to regroup for protection. The film will be about the battle that prevented the capture of the Serofimovich bridgehead and allowed to strike at the enemy army, approaching Stalingrad.

Photos from the shoot: Tatyana Timakova

Director and shooting

The directorial work belongs to Leonid Plyaskin, who previously shot the films "Young Guard" and "Just Jackson." Shamil Jafarov ("Amanat"), Igor Kostyuchenko ("Favorite City", "Kiss of Socrates") and Leonid Plyaskin ("Manganese") worked on the script for the new war film.

Leonid Plyaskin

The producers were Shamil Jafarov (“Wanderers of Patience”, “Fun Night”, “Time Keeper”), Andrei Korobov (“Van Goghi”, “All This Jam”, “Poddubny”) and Dmitry Dobnin (“Geographer drank the globe,” Burn "," Night Watch ").

The film was shot in the Pskov region and in Belarus and ended in April 2019.

Actors and roles

The full cast is still unknown, but the main female role, Pelageya, will be played by Julia Makarova. She is known to moviegoers in the film "Tobol" and the mini-series "Bender".

Julia Makarova

The film also starred: Veronika Plyashkevich ("Inside", "Footprints on the Water"), Dmitry Pustilnik ("Not a Step Back", "City Spies") and others.

Photo: Tatyana Timakova

Interesting Facts

Future viewers will be interested in:

  • Khanpasha Nuradilov went to the front at the age of 16. He was an orphan and grew up in a Dagestan village. At the time of his death he was 18 years old;
  • In the frame you can see cars from the Belarusian Zabrodye Museum: BMW R71 motorcycles, Opel Blitz trucks, BMW kfz 325 jeep, tanks and even Soviet military carts;
  • After finishing work on "Height 220", the director set to work on the film "Zoya" dedicated to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. The main role in the film will be played by the artist of the Mayakovsky Theater Anastasia Mishin. Filming takes place near Minsk. The script is based on historical documents, archival records and eyewitness accounts of events.

    Photographer: Tatyana Timakova

The game of actors can already be estimated by the trailer for the film "Height 220", the release date of which is scheduled for 2019, and the plot is based on real events. A patriotic film about a brave teenager and his exploit will not leave spectators indifferent and will allow you to look at the terrible period of Russian history, which must not be forgotten.

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