Robot Child Review - Mother's Love Above All

If you believe that your relationship with your mother was complicated, a review of the new sci-fi film “Child of the Robot” (2019) is for you (audience reviews, descriptions and reviews of critics about the plot after showing the thriller at the Sundance festival divided into two categories - “bad script ”and“ deep philosophy ”,“ disappointing ”but“ exciting ”). The heroines of the film, mother and daughter, do not have the opportunity to go to therapy with a family psychologist, and probably for this reason the ending is so radical and destructive. Here the complete absence of male characters is encouraging, but the one-sided disclosure of the heroine Hilary Swank upsets, although many scenes are held on her game.

The rating of KinoPoisk is 6.3, IMDb is 6.9, such estimates to the viewer will seem underestimated and unthinkable until he watches the film to the end. There are too many "what if", "why."

If you need an explanation of the ending “Child of the Robot”, then you are not alone. The idea of ​​the scriptwriters is really difficult to understand, despite such a strong visual component. But first, it’s worth noting several important topics that the creators managed to raise in this sci-fi movie:

  • Hyper-care and hyper-custody of parents - what does this lead to in the end?
  • Is it good to lie to your child, surrounded by illusions and not releasing into the real (and so cruel) world?

But there are secrets and terrible secrets not only for the droid Mother, but also for the woman who suddenly appeared in the bunker. Only their level of lies is different.

The lies that parents sometimes tell their children can both protect and harm. Faith collapses when the child reaches the point at which he suddenly realizes that the truth has been distorted. This is especially traumatic if you then have to re-puzzle the world, as happens with Robot Child. The girl does not know who to believe - the iron machine that brought her up, or this crazy woman telling stories about a certain "real" world outside the bunker with other people and evil droids - enemies of humanity. But soon the girl manages to find out the truth and, as a result, quickly grow up.

What captivates in this impeccable iron machine that considers itself a mother? Sure, a voice. It turned out to be gentle and affectionate, thanks to the brilliant voice acting of Rose Byrne in the English version. And even despite the ability of the robot mother to smile cute and even frown, it is impossible to completely relax - especially when watching a droid run along the corridors of the bunker. Time after time you catch yourself thinking that somewhere there is a catch - and he is.

However, if you carefully follow the dates at which the first embryo is loaded and the girl grows up, you can understand that there were several such “test” daughters (their remains lay quietly and peacefully all this time in the incinerator), which is frightening ...

By the end of the film “Child of the Robot,” it becomes completely clear that the robotic Mother is responsible for the destruction of humanity and the so-called reboot. It is an artificial intelligence system loaded absolutely in all droids on planet Earth. Mother is a collective consciousness in the shell of a robot, necessary only for interaction with the new human race, which this consciousness planned to grow. And, according to one version of the ending (yes, there may be several depending on the imagination of the viewer), he will continue to do this, but in a different format.

In fact, the Robot Mother was obsessed with the successful training of her daughter, because she should in the future become the ideal mother for the rest of the embryos.

The girl must learn sacrifice and care, and she did very well that you can’t say about the Woman, the heroine of Hilary Surnk - after all, she was also an experiment of the Mother, who chose freedom and escaped into a cargo container. But how did she do it? And how could she survive all alone on Earth without help and support? This is what Mother will say at the end, when she “visits” her first daughter in her container - it turns out that was what was intended.

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There is no sense in a full description of the plot in the review of the film “Child of the Robot” (2019), the viewer himself and the heroines will walk along the inner corridors of the futuristic bunker and trace all the stages of the girl’s growing up. The main thing is the insights that you can make for yourself after watching.

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