15 "revengeful" films

For the offender, sooner or later, the hour of reckoning comes. Below is a list of the best films about revenge for loved ones. Pictures tell about fair, elegant and cruel retribution.

Death Wish 2017

Genre: Action, thriller, crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.4, IMDB - 6.4

It was originally planned that the main role would go to Sylvester Stallone, however, in the process of negotiations, the actor and the film crew had creative disagreements.

Paul Kersey is an experienced surgeon who every day saves people and pulls them out of the world. Once a gang of thugs burst into his house and brutally cracked down on his wife and daughter. The police are too overloaded with crimes and do not want to investigate a new case. Then Paul takes the sword of justice into his own hands and begins the pursuit of the killers. The hero takes revenge cheerfully, cheerfully and tastefully.

Mercenary (American Assassin) 2017

Genre: Thriller

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.1, IMDB - 6.2

The main role could go to Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell.

Mitch Rapp was in seventh heaven when he found out that his girlfriend agreed to marry him. But the happiness of the protagonist did not last long - suddenly there were terrorists who killed his beloved. After this nightmarish event, Rapp turned into a gloomy recluse, who decided to devote revenge for the rest of his life. Mitch began to learn to shoot from all types of weapons, he wanted to become a professional killer - agile and fast. CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy noticed the killer’s inclinations in Mitch and invited him to participate in a dangerous operation. The hero needed to save the whole world from terrorists, who were about to get the atomic bomb in their hands.

Aftermath 2017

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: Cinema Search - 5.7, IMDB - 5.7

The plot of the film is based on a real catastrophe that happened on July 1, 2002.

“Consequences” is one of those films that everyone should watch. The main role in the film was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Roman was looking forward to the return of his family, which was about to fly home. But suddenly he learns about the terrible news - the plane on which his wife and pregnant daughter were flying died. The main character lost those for whom he lived. Now he is obsessed with only one goal - to find an involuntary killer, look into his eyes, hear the words of regret and repentance. For many months, Roman tried to track down the culprit, and one day searches led him to air traffic controller Paul, who was controlling the course of the aircraft at the time of the crash. Will Roman decide to revenge, or forgive a man?

Law Abiding Citizen 2009

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 8.0, IMDB - 7.4

Film slogan: "How to stop the killer, if he is already behind bars?"

Clyde Shelton became disillusioned with the judicial system when the perpetrator who killed his family was quietly released. The main character is not going to put up with such injustice and decides to do retribution with his own hands. It takes 10 years. People, one way or another involved in the murder of the Clyde family, begin to die one by one. All the strings lead to Shelton, but even when the police caught him and put him in jail, the deaths did not stop. It is foolish to believe that the deals with justice are over. They have just begun!

Dad, die (2018)

Genre: Comedy

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.5, IMDB - 6.4

Director Kirill Sokolov made his debut work.

Olga is a young and promising actress who was very offended by her cruel and heartless father Andrei Gennadievich. The girl is tired of constant conflicts and attacks from him. The heroine tells everything to her young man Matthew. The guy decides to meet with Andrei Gennadevich to protect his beloved. But here, by the will of fate, a very curious company appears in the apartment - an actress daughter, a deceived cop and an embittered bully. Each of the heroes has his own reasons for revenge.

John Wick 2014

Genre: Thriller

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.8, IMDB - 7.4

Keanu Reeves said that he himself performed 90% of the tricks in the film.

"John Wick" - a film about revenge for the family. The genre of the picture is an action movie and a thriller where the main character can kill a criminal with a simple pencil! John is a former mercenary who has long retired for the sake of his beloved wife Helen. Now he leads a quiet life of an ordinary American. That was until the criminals killed Helen. John had only his beloved Mustang and a cute puppy left by his wife. The hero is trying to forget about the horrors of the past - he dissects in a luxury car with a puppy in the front seat. But when the son of one of the bosses of the Russian mafia steals his car, John Wick goes on a bloody hunt. The foolish youth does not yet understand what kind of tough guy he is dealing with. John will make him answer for impudence and pay for the death of his wife.

Munich (Munich) 2005

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.4, IMDB - 7.6

The director's daughter Sasha Spielberg starred in a cameo role. She plays a girl watching the news on TV.

In 1972, during the Olympics in Munich, terrorists took hostage athletes and members of the Israeli delegation, and then brutally killed them. The Israeli authorities are creating a special unit whose main goal is to track down and destroy the entire Palestinian group. The head of the unit is appointed by the experienced agent Mossad Avner, who has been to hot spots more than once and knows how to act in critical situations. The main character managed to find the location of the criminals. Upon arrival, the unit will have to go through great difficulties ...

Invisibility (Hollow Man) 2000

Genre: Science fiction thriller

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.9, IMDB - 5.7

At the final editing, the filmmakers removed several violent scenes, including a rape scene.

Sebastian Kane - a great scientist, flew off the coils because of jealousy for his girlfriend and turned into a crazy maniac. The hero invented the invisibility serum and persuaded his colleagues not to tell anyone about the greatest discovery of our time. Sebastian decided to test the serum on himself. Having become invisible, Kane felt incredible strength and was sure that all his actions would go unpunished. Lunatic maniac wants to settle accounts with a man who started a stormy romance with his ex-girlfriend. The laboratory turns into a bloody slaughter ...

Remember (Memento) 2000

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Detective

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.8, IMDB - 8.5

The slogan of the film: "Some memories are better to forget."

Leonard Shelby suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Once unknown criminals raped and killed his wife. The main character is filled with a thirst for revenge and is trying to find the bastards. The search is complicated by the fact that Leonard remembers only those events that occurred 15 minutes ago. A man takes photographs and leaves messages on his body in order to somehow orient himself on them. Can Leonard find killers with such a complex ailment?

The Brave One (2007)

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.2, IMDB - 6.5

The main character shoots a 9 mm caliber Kahr K9 pistol.

If you don’t know which movie to watch in one go, pay attention to the next retribution movie. “The Brave” is a fascinating picture in which the heroine is ready to do anything to avenge her loved one. Erica Bane is a happy girl, accustomed to forget about any problems in the arms of her young man. Once the couple calmly walked through the park, when suddenly a group of brutal gopniks appeared who attacked them. As a result of the incident, Eric was in intensive care, and her beloved died from injuries. The police just shrug and cannot find the criminals. Then Erica buys a gun and goes in search of bastards who ruined her life. The heroine with special methodology and ingenuity begins to clean up those who were involved in the attack.

Iron Grip (True Gift) 2010

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Western

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.5, IMDB - 7.6

The picture is based on the work "Iron Grip" by the writer Charles Portis.

Matty's father was brutally murdered. The heroine demands retaliation for the treacherous murder and hires a ruthless killer, nicknamed Zabiyak. Matty does not even think of hiding under the wing of her mother and doing things that suit the girl. The heroine, along with the bounty hunter, armed herself with a revolver and went to the wild prairies. Ahead of her is waiting for a dangerous journey that will completely change her future.

One Less (Dead Man Down) 2012

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.6, IMDB - 6.5

Film slogan: "Time to collect stones."

Victor is the right hand of the head of a criminal gang from New York. The hero did not just find himself in the very heart of a criminal syndicate - the mafia killed his family, and now he is obsessed with a thirst for bloody revenge. But Victor’s plans completely changed when the mysterious Beatrice appeared in his life, who also wants to settle accounts with the mafia boss. At the same time, she has her own plans for Victor. Other people were drawn into the dangerous game. Ahead of the heroes awaits a bloody denouement ...

Crimson Mint (Peppermint) 2018

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.2, IMDB - 6.5

Actress Jennifer Garner, who starred in the film, killed 43 people.

Crimson Mint (2018) is a spectacular film about revenge for killing a family. Riley North, together with her husband and a small child, gets into a terrible shootout, as a result of which only a woman survives. Waking up in the hospital, Riley discovers that the police caught three suspects, but they all turned out to be members of a very influential cartel. Witnesses instantly disappeared, and the criminals were free. North disappears for a while to turn into a killing machine. Five years later, she returns and begins the search for those who killed her loved ones. Riley's goal is bloody and merciless revenge.

Invisible Guest (Contratiempo) 2016

Genre: Thriller crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.7, IMDB - 8.1

From Spanish, the film translates as "nuisance."

Adrian Doria is a successful businessman who has a large company, ambitious plans for the future and charming lover-beauty Laura Vidal. After another meeting of young people, the girl is found dead. Doria is the only murder suspect and placed under house arrest. Adrian is not going to spend the rest of the days behind bars and hires an experienced lawyer Virginia Goodman, for whom this is the final court of his career. To win in the upcoming court session is a matter of honor for her. Doria tells Virginia the events of that fateful day, but the girl feels that the client is concealing something. She needs to develop a defense plan, and less than three hours are left before the trial ...

The Salton Sea 2001

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.9, IMDB - 7.1

For the sake of the role, actor Vincent D'Onofrio recovered, sunbathed, bleached his hair and even began to breathe and speak differently.

"The Salton Sea" - one of the best films on the list of revenge for loved ones. Danny Parker is a calm person who does not like to get involved in trouble. Many consider him a coward, but in fact, the guy just hates to come into conflict. But everything changes dramatically when his beloved wife is brutally murdered. Danny goes crazy with grief and dreams of cracking down on the killer. But getting to the criminal is not so easy, since he is guarded by a criminal group. To penetrate the very heart of the world of mafiosi, Parker will have to become a completely different person ...

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