Ann - Season 3 of the film adaptation of "Anne from the Green Roofs"

Now on the streaming service Netflix will be broadcasting the 3rd season of the Anne series with the announced release date for the series, actors and a description of the plot, the trailer of which has not yet been released, since the filming process is still ongoing. The project tells about the life of the girl Ann, with whom the viewer grows and develops.

Rating of the series: KinoPoisk - 8.5, IMDb - 8.4.

Anne with an e


Genre: drama

Producer: Paul Fox, Helen Shaver, Amanda Tapping and others.

Season 3 release date: fall 2019

Cast: Emibet McNulty, Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson, Delayla Bela, Corrin Koslo, Lucas Jade Zumann, Emerik Jett Montas, Kayla Matthews, Helen Jones, Leah Pappas-Kemps and others.

The series focuses on topics such as feminism, bullying, and gender inequality. Now the main character is 16 years old, and the problems in her life will only increase ...


The story begins with the fact that the viewer is introduced to the thirteen-year-old girl Ann, who lives in an orphanage. Her life changes dramatically when a girl gets to her new adoptive parents, a woman and her younger brother.

In the second season, a new character, Bash, was added to the series, which reflected racial diversity. Anne and Cole get very close, and Marilla begins to worry about health.

In the new season 3 we will see Kakvet and the village of the Mikmaki tribe. Also, we again expect the emergence of a new hero - Max Beynard, brother Jerry, who will play Maximilian Krum.

Maximilian Krum

Director and crew

The directors of the series are:

  • Paul Fox ("Being Erica", "Black Oracle", "Call of Blood", "Coroner");
  • Helen Shaver ("In sight", "Sex in another city", "Bride's daughter", "Earth before the beginning of time");
  • Amanda Tapping (Black Matter, Continuum, Shelter);
  • Ken Girotti (The Vikings, Daredevil, Highs, Border).

The script was created by Moira Wally (Breaking Bad, Elaine Stone, Flesh and Bones), who authored the original book Anne from the Green Roofs.

Moira Walley-Beckett

The producers were:

  • Miranda de Pensier (“The Seagull”, “Thank you for the exchange”, “Adam”, “Beginners”, “Adam”);
  • Patricia Kurmi ("Carrier");
  • Debra Heyward (Courtesans, Golden Age, Pride and Prejudice, Two Queens).

Responsible for the installation: D. Gillian Traster ("Bite", "Little Star", "Space"); Lisa Grutenboer (Borgia, Being Erica, Close Friends) and others.

The creator of the project, Moira Wally-Becket, explained the essence of the series in this way:

"In the story of Anne, we decided to show themes of identity, prejudice, racism and bullying. And Anne Shirley can be called an occasional feminist."

Sarah Kato (CBC Channel) reported:

"We are pleased to announce the third season of the series. We have no doubt that Canadians will continue to fall in love with this wonderful story."

The continuation script was read in March 2019 (where, by the way, not all the actors arrived), the shooting process of the 3rd season began in the summer on Prince Edward Island, in Canada and continued also in Toronto, Milbrook - they are all located in Ontario. The film will premiere in the fall of that year. The sequel will consist of 10 episodes.

Actors and roles

The filming of the new season was attended by:

  • Emibet McNulty as Anne Shirley-Cuthbert (Agatha Razine: The Case of the Poisoned Pie, Morgan);
  • Geraldine James as Marilla Kutberg (Poirot, Five, The Last Enemy, Utopia, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Meghan Livi, The Beast);
  • R.H. Thomson as Matthew Cuthbert (“Twilight Zone”, “Moonlight Detective Agency”, “Bone Collector”, “King”, “Clara”);
  • Daley Bela in the role of Diana Barry ("Hundred", "Once Upon a Time", "Edge", "Christmas Story", "People of the Future");
  • Corrin Cosloe as Rachel Lind (The X-Files, Beyond the Possible, Better Than Chocolate, The Perfect Toy, Reader of Thoughts);
  • Lucas Jade Zumann in the role of Gilbert Blythe ("Chicago on Fire", "Eighth Sense", "Women of the 20th Century", "Ghost");
  • Emerick Jett Montas as Jerry Baynard ("Ville-Marie", "Demons", "Bellevue");
  • Kayla Matthews as Ruby Gillies (Pine Trees);
  • Helen Jones in the role of Eliza Barry ("Investigation of the crash", "Reading Thoughts", "Secret Communications", "Dangerous Game Sloan");
  • Leah Pappas-Camps as Jane Andrews et al.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Each episode is called a quote from the novel Jane Eyre by writer Charlotte Bronte;
  • In Canada, the series is shown on CBC, but in the rest of the world it is broadcast on Netflix;
  • The song for the series screen saver is performed by the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip;
  • In 2019, Emibet McNulty won the “Best Leading Role” nomination for the Canadian Screen Awards. The series also received the award for "Best Drama Series", in the nomination for "Best Supporting Actor" R. H. Thomson received the award, Geraldine James won the "Best Supporting Role", Zinka Taminsky was awarded for the best hairstyle, and the best cameraman recognized Jackson Perrell.

In Season 3 of the Netflix series “Ann,” featuring the announced plot, the actors, the release date of the series and the description of the plot, whose trailer has not yet been released, viewers will be shown the lives of adolescents who have focused on issues such as feminism and bullying.

Watch the video: Anne. Official Trailer HD. Netflix (February 2020).