Six false and passionate days: review of the film "Above the Sky"

The film "Above the Sky" (2019) surprises with an unusual plot for the melodrama, controversial reviews and reviews. In the film directed by Oksana Karas, there is little from the detective and psychological thriller. Six days from the life of the most ordinary family will be filled with passions, intrigues, confessions and betrayals.

Six days that crossed out everything

That is what the beauty of nature and remoteness from civilization can do even with the most decent and intelligent people. We are observing a seemingly happy and strong family who came to rest in a boarding house near Moscow. Mom, dad, two daughters 18-19 years old. Everyone seems to love and respect each other. Family ties are further strengthened by the need to jointly take care of one of the daughters with a terrible ailment. 18-year-old Vasya Tikhonova has a congenital heart disease.

But everything changes, as at the click of a finger. Changes are already visible in the first frames of the film. A sultry day is replaced by a thunderstorm, a predictable and minute-by-minute rest violates the unexpected visit of the police. The course of the river brought to the beach the body of one of the vacationers. Much more will change in some six days. The plot of the film fits into such a segment.

Who hides what?

  • Dad (Alexey Agranovich), A respected man, an animator with experience, discovers a womanizer and Casanova, in his own “for 40”. He is carried away on his networks by a girlfriend of his daughters - 19 year old Rita. Apparently, he had long hidden his dissatisfaction with marriage.
  • Mom (Victoria Tolstoganova) Seems like a serious caring woman who has all her leisure time in minutes. In fact, she is a spoiled little girl who always needs to be in the spotlight. She needed her children only to be sure that her husband would not dare to leave her. And the illness of Vasya’s daughter (or Vasilisa) becomes a trump card. She carefully hides her manipulations.
  • Vasya (Taisiya Vilkova)Forgets about the dangers of heart disturbances due to the opposite sex. He risks health for the sake of a strange boyfriend from the camp (Philip Avdeev). Selfishly spits on mother's inhibitions. As it turns out later, not in vain, but how does the viewer know this?
  • Rita (Daria Zhovner) - in appearance an ordinary girl, but in fact an exalted witch, obsessed with love spells and dancing naked among centuries-old herbs. She learns to conquer boys and adult men. For the sake of excitement, not love.

There is also a security guard in a boarding house who secretly cleans up data from CCTV cameras, and the police, who are in no hurry to investigate anything. And only Vasya’s sister does not hide anything (Polina Vitorgan). Only she.

“In the plot, adults and children are absolutely equal. The script was specially developed in the direction of the mutual influence of adult lines on children's lines and vice versa.” Director Oksana Karas.

In fact, adults do not follow children. They are passionate about their passions, and children - their own. Who is the hunter here, who is the prey? Who is a child and who is an adult? Everything is diabolically the opposite ...

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What a pity the killer is not a gardener! Viva sentiment

Eh, it was possible to screw it all up. Make a full-fledged detective or psychological thriller. If the killer turned out to be a mother or even a gardener. Sorry, that same boarding house guard. So no. In the end it turns out that the killer does not exist at all. Like this? See in the movie. The main thing is that Oksana Karas’s melodrama never dares to become something completely different.

So, we will talk about love. At the end of the film, she will triumph. But is it love?Hero of Agranovich not like the protagonist of the film "Geographer drank the globe." He sincerely fell in love with his student and so did not dare to touch her. Our animator over the years of marriage completely forgot what passion is. Normal sex, after all.

Rita - trains on uncles. Men for her are only material for self-affirmation. Although behind the image of a kind of Marilyn Monroe, there are also many complexes and grievances.

Mom Vasya Tikhonova loves no one. She enjoys power over the family, which must certainly be kept, thanks to lies and manipulations. The lies that the heroine of Tolstoganova created around Vasya’s illness will simply terrify you!

Love or not?

Finally, our main couple. The author of the review undertakes to assert that Vasya also does not like Misha, but he does. More precisely, their feelings are sincere, but they are unlikely to last long. The girl needs to escape from the dictates of her mother and constant fear for her health. For the sake of this, she will even run through the forests for a kind of freak with a paraglider .... And the hero of Avdeev needs to escape from the beatings that his own father inflicts on him. By the way, this is the same murdered person who is found at the beginning of the film.

This circumstance could be a cliffhanger (turning point). Have you already guessed who will fall suspicious? Our couple could despise the law, become a kind of Bonnie and Clyde (there will be one uncertain step of the director in this direction).

There is no genuine love in this film because no one has ripened before it. Until the realization that love is responsibility, not manipulation. And adults seem to understand this worse than their own children. Oksana Karas is not making the first film on the theme of "fathers and children." She tries to give children a chance to become better than their parents. Did she manage this time?

"18 +" is a plus

The moment you come to the cinema to watch Oksana Karas' melodrama, the screen will suddenly turn into a large mirror. This is a story about ourselves and our time. And not for nothing in the credits you will see "mom", "dad", without names. As a reminder that a similar story could happen to each of us.

The story is told in a completely modern language. The age limit of 18+ can be attributed to the merits of the picture. And if today no one speaks of Shakespeare's language about love, and especially sex, then so be it, cinema should be relevant. The film has many erotic scenes, but only one bed.

Apparently, all this "nudity" is also a tribute to time. It’s just a fact that you won’t surprise and shock anyone.

A couple of interesting facts.

And in the picture there are sincere acting efforts, they are expressed not only in the game itself. For the sake of the picture, the film crew went to great lengths. Actors learned:

  • Play musical instruments: Taisiya Vilkova on the guitar, Daria Zhovner on the cajon, Polina Vitorgan on the hang. In the film, two sisters and their best friend put together a “girls band”.
  • Fly a paraglider. For filming, Philip Avdeev, playing a paraglider, learned to cope with this winged colossus.
  • Fight with the flow. During the sincere and passionate scenes in the river, Taisiya Vilkova and Philip Avdeev not only "suffered", but also carried away. Literally, along the river. The actors were rescued by a vigilant rescuer on duty on the set
  • Mix business and personal. Victoria Tolstoganova and Alexey Agranovich are spouses on the screen and in real life.

Watch the movie Above the Sky (2019), enjoy the ambiguous storyline, leave reviews and reviews. In theaters since June 27.

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