Red ghost - a new film about the immortal Soviet soldier

The trailer for the film “The Red Ghost” (2019), the release date in Russia, the actors, the plot of which was announced, and the shooting ended in 2018, appeared on the network. The motion picture tells the legend of the red ghost - in essence, this is the heroic feat of an unnamed soldier during the Great Patriotic War.

Rating of expectations for the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 81%.


Genre: historical drama

Producer: Andrey Bogatyrev

Release date: 2019

Cast: Alexey Shevchenkov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Polina Chernyshova, Wolfgang Cerny, Mikhail Gorevoy, Oleg Vasilkov, Yuri Borisov, Pavel Abramenkov, Vyacheslav Shikhaleev, Paul Orlyansky and others.

The story tells about the battle of the Red Army fighters with the enemy unit. None of them were born a hero, but everyone is ready to sacrifice his life ...


The events of the film take place in the winter of 1941, and specifically - it all starts on December 30. A huge country is fighting with an equally huge invader. By a fateful combination of circumstances, a group of soldiers leaving the encirclement near Vyazma encounters special Wehrmacht troops. Our soldiers are exhausted by hunger and wanderings, but they are desperately fighting for their homeland. Among them there is one person, or rather, a ghost who ruthlessly crackes down on the Nazis, leaving behind him mountains of corpses - for this he was nicknamed "The Red Ghost".

Director and crew

The director's chair of the project was occupied by Andrei Bogatyrev, known for such works as: “Bagi”, “Judah”, “SashaTanya”, “Nurse”, “White Nights”.

Worked on the script:

  • Andrey Bogatyrev;
  • Vyacheslav Shikhaleev ("Unknown", "Split", "Stormy Gates", "Bandit", "Brotherhood");
  • Armen Vatyan ("Casanova involuntarily", "All these are flowers", "Dawn over Lake Van");
  • Sergey Krainev (Three From Above, Investigation Error, Family Detective).

Produced by:

  • Tatyana Voronetskaya ("The recipe for the sorceress", "League of deceived wives", "Bagi", "Judas");
  • Elena Belova ("Bagi", "Judah");
  • Alexey A. Petrukhin (“Alien”, “Uchilka”, “Brutus”, “Witnesses”, “We Won't Goodbye”).

The camera work was performed by Nikita Rozhdestvensky ("28 Panfilovites", "Abyss", "Cop Wars 6", "Alien"). The artist was Ekaterina Arefieva ("Nika", "Frontier").

Andrei Bogatyrev tells how the idea of ​​creating a film came to him:

“A friend Pasha Abramenkov came to me, and he shared the idea. We wrote the script for two years, visited the battlefields. When the people are brought to the last line, the spirit of revenge awakens in it. The“ Red Ghost ”is a state of mass consciousness. We sought make a lively, emotional film. "

The director personally sent the script to the actors, and then met with them again and again, but in his own words, uttered it. The film was born by itself, passing from person to person. A severe role in the filming process was played by severe Russian frosts. He allowed each actor to show his best qualities, thanks to which A. Bogatyrev made friends with almost the entire cast.

The filming process of the film took place in the winter of 2017-2018 in one of the villages of the Mosalsky district just when there were severe frosts.


The following Russian stars starred in the film:

  • Alexey Shevchenkov ("Black Cat", "Copper Sun", "Three Stories", "Voroshilovsky Shooter", "Save Leningrad");
  • Vladimir Gostyukhin ("Three days of Lieutenant Kravtsov", "Truckers", "Team", "Ashes", "Cossacks", "Fox Hunt", "Santa Claus: The Battle of the Mages");
  • Polina Chernyshova (Sea Buckthorn Summer, Quiet Don, Doctor Richter, The Legend of Kolovrat);
  • Wolfgang Cerny (“Snipers: Love under the gun”, “Mission Impossible: Rogue Tribe”, “The Last Knight”, “T-34”, “Tobol”);
  • Mikhail Gorevoy (“Crown”, “Pointing”, “Battle for space”, “Moms”, “Five brides”, “Yarik”, “Spy bridge”, “Bullet”);
  • Oleg Vasilkov ("At the bottom", "Demons", "Method", "Team", "Palmist", "Ax", "Dawn", "Brotherhood");
  • Yuri Borisov ("Road to Berlin", "Port", "Shot", "Young Guard", "Crystal", "T-34", "Seven pairs of unclean");
  • Pavel Abramenkov (Golden, Univer, Surrender to Good Hands, Garages, Maryina Roscha, Translator);
  • Vyacheslav Shikhaleev ("Turkish March", "Stormy Gate", "Nine Unknowns", "Crimson Snowfall", "Split", "Brotherhood", "Bandit");
  • Paul Orlyansky (T-34, Countdown, Secrets of the Investigation), etc.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The scenery for the shooting was built a year before the start of production, but due to adverse weather conditions, the shooting process was postponed, and then 3 months were spent on the construction of structures;
  • Actor Vladimir Gostyukhin tells what the crew focused on when creating the film: “This project is about human grief. This story is just one battle, but each participant is a hero. There is a place for courage and cowardice, but there is no betrayal. This is the most realistic war story. "

The exact release date for the film “Red Ghost” (2019) in Russia, the actors, trailer, plot and shots of which were announced, is still unknown, but it is expected that the premiere may take place in 2019. Viewers are already looking forward to the release of the tape, which tells the legend of the Great Patriotic War.

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