"Ice 2" - will be released in 2020

The release date of the film "Ice 2" (2020) and the cast of actors are already known, the creators are silent about the plot, but soon a trailer will be released, shot, like the first part of the picture, on Lake Baikal. The beloved heroes of the sports melodrama will reappear on large screens.

The budget of the first part amounted to 150 million rubles. Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 85%.


Genre: drama, sports, romance

Producer: Zhora Kryzhovnikov

World Premiere: February 14, 2020

Russian release: February 14, 2020

With the participation: Alexander Tarasov, Maria Aronova, Aglaya Tarasova, Ksenia Rappoport

Besides the fact that the first film “Ice” was enthusiastically received by the domestic audience, the rights to display it were bought in China, where he managed to win the hearts of local viewers and had good box office.


The new film will tell about the fate of the figure skater Nadia, her lover Alexander and coach Shatalina. Did the lovers manage to maintain their touching feelings, and the coach - the stamina? How did their lives turn out?

Director and shooting

The director of the second part of the picture will be Zhora Kryzhovnikov ("Kitchen", "Big Difference", "Call DiCaprio").

Zhora Kryzhovnikov

The scriptwriter will be Andrei Zolotarev (“This evening the angels cried,” “Icebreaker,” “How I became Russian”). The film is produced by Mikhail Vrubel (“Freaks”, “Black Lightning”, “Attraction”), Alexander Andryushchenko (“Ghost”, “Workmate”, “Tin”) and Fedor Bondarchuk (“Death of the Empire”, “I Stay”, “Down” House "). Ivan Lebedev is responsible for the camera work ("The habit of parting", "The best day", "Wonderland").

Filming began in March 2019 on Lake Baikal.

Actors and roles

The cast of the film is as follows:

  • Sasha - Alexander Petrov ("The Secret of the Lost Country", "Policeman from Rublevka", "Method");
  • Nadia - Aglaya Tarasova (“Heter of Major Sokolov”, “Ordinary Woman”, “Investigator Tikhonov”, “Interns”);
  • Shatalina - Maria Aronova ("Diamond Hunters", "Eighties", "Brothers in Exchange").

According to unconfirmed reports, Ksenia Rappoport ("The Invisible Boy", "Rasputin", "The White Guard") will also take part in the film.

Interesting Facts

Viewers might be interested in the following information:

  • The first part of the film won the audience award at the French festival Festival Univerciné Russe, held in Nantes.
  • Figurines of the Golden Eagle award were awarded to Aglaya Tarasova for Best Actress, as well as composers Dmitry Selipanov and Anton Belyaev for the soundtrack to the first film. Total melodrama was presented in ten categories.
  • The real name of the director Zhora Kryzhovnikov, filming the continuation of the touching melodrama, Andrei Pershin.
  • The film at the box office will compete with another Silver Skates picture, which is being worked on by Mikhail Lokshin (Nail short). A competitor film will be released on the big screens the day before Ice 2. The creators of "Silver Skates" argue that two projects cannot be compared because the films have fundamentally different concepts - in Lokshin's project, events take place on Christmas Eve in 1899 in St. Petersburg. This will be a film about the touching love of the son of a lamplighter and a girl from high society.

The film "Ice 2" will be released on February 14, 2020, the release date in Russia is already known, the trailer will open the veil of secrecy in the plot of the picture, and the actors playing the main roles will remain unchanged. Fans of Alexander Petrov and Aglaya Tarasova are waiting for the continuation of a touching domestic film about sports and love.

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