The Mind Wolf - Valeria Guy Germanica's New Drama

Most often, the task of cinema is to show the story, the action as it is, without subtext and a second bottom, without long minutes of audience reflection and the search for the necessary subtext. The new film by Guy Germanicus “The Mind Wolf” is not like that, it can be seen from the trailer and the plot descriptions, the cast is quite interesting, the shooting took place in Russia, the estimated release date will be in 2019 (however, this is not confirmed information).

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 98%.



Producer: Valeria Gai Germanicus

Genre: drama

World Release Date: 2019

Actors: Lisa Klimova, Fedor Lavrov, Yuri Trubin, Julia Vysotskaya

The Mental Wolf was first presented at the Kinotavr Russian film award. Despite the obvious allusion to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the film’s talk is not about that at all.


At first glance, the story in the film is banal and quite prosaic. The girl comes from St. Petersburg to the village to her mother, persuades her to sell the old house, move to her in the metropolis. Relations in the family are not the warmest, the heroines do not hear and do not understand each other, swear. But, having met face to face with a terrible wolf from a fairy tale, they unite.

At first, for a long time, the fans thought that Guy Germanika would remove the horror. But the picture is not so simple. A sense of fear is really important in it; the whole story is built on it. But this is not a fear of something primitive, it is a deeper, philosophical feeling. The film is about him, about loneliness, about people who are estranged from each other, about faith, about the human soul.

Director and filming process

Perhaps the first word that can be found when you read about Valeria Gai Germanicus is “scandalous”. Indeed, at the time of her work (“Everyone will die, but I will stay”, “Yes and Yes”, “School”) became sensational, showing the Russian reality. Prior to that, she worked in the genre of social drama, but, according to her, “The Mental Wolf” is an art film. From now on, the director plans to work in this particular genre.

Previously, she worked with specific stories and meanings, but The Mind Wolf should have become something deeper. According to her, for a long time she could not find a suitable screenwriter until she was offered to turn to Arabov (“Mr. Decorator,” “Monk and Demon”). Guy Germanika told him one suggestion, and Arabs immediately understood her and set to work.

The producers are:

  • Valeria Gai Germanicus, for whom such an experience was new;
  • Svetlana Samoilova;
  • Olga Yuntuen (“Dovlatov”, “War of Anna”).

Installation - Ivan Lebedev (Arrhythmia, Boomer).

It is known that the shooting took place for two years. One of the scenes where the disco is shown was filmed in the village of Vidlitsa in the Olonets region with an extras from the local population. The first and last scenes of the film were shot in one plan, but Guy Germanicus herself no longer sees anything special in this technique.


Guy Germanicus mainly shoots female films. It is not surprising that this time too, the main characters of her new painting were women.

Starred in the film:

  • Julia Vysotskaya (“Soldier's Decameron”, “The Nutcracker and the Rat King”);
  • Lisa Klimova (“Sklifosovsky”, “Princess from Khrushchev”, “And the ball will return”);
  • Yuri Trubin (“Yes and Yes”, “Goodbye, Beloved”);
  • Fedor Lavrov (“Lord Comrades”, “Bloody Lady”);
  • Asya Ozturk.

Interesting Facts

It is curious to know that:

  • Several years ago, Guy Germanika wrote a song with the same name for the group “Meaningful Hallucinations” and shot a video for the song. According to her, then she could not fully express what she wanted to say, and the idea all this time lived inside her in anticipation.
  • The trailer shows scenes shot inside the church. In general, according to the director, the film has a lot of religious subtext that may not be visible at first glance. The theme of Hell and Paradise, Orthodoxy, paganism, and the revelations of saints are also cited.

Perhaps this movie is difficult to describe in words. You need to see it yourself, to feel, understand or not understand. The director is advised to immediately send the film abroad, there such films take root better than at home. The new plot of Guy Germanicus is unusual in the filming and cast, as can be seen from the trailer. The release date of the movie “The Mental Wolf” is supposedly set for 2019, then the viewer will be able to make sure that the director has reached a new creative level.