15 films to relax and forget about everything

Sometimes you really want to forget about the bustle of city life and throw all the negativity aside. Kind and witty melodramas will help you escape from gray everyday life, they will relieve stress and brighten up a cozy evening. We recommend watching some fun films to cheer you up (2018-2019). Be sure to bring a mug of hot coffee and grab your favorite cookies!

10 “ghostly” films that are better not to watch at night

Otherworldly forces have their own reasons for persecuting people. Below is a list of the best ghost and ghost films. Dead souls raged in earnest - it’s better not to anger them, because who knows what an unpredictable etheric substance is capable of. Mama (Mama) 2013 Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.2 The slogan of the picture: "Will never leave you."

Extraordinary photo session of Hollywood actors for W Magazine

The publication W Magazine decided to devote a whole issue to famous people from the world of big cinema, and the famous fashion photographer Tim Walker made incredible efforts so that we could see a photo shoot with a whole list of different celebrities. El and Dakota Fanning Tommy Lee Jones Eddie Redmayne Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Bill Hader Bradley Cooper David Oyelowo Imogen Poots Jack O'Connell Jenny Slate Jessica Chastain J.

Linkin Park song "In the End" from 183 movie cuts

In the video, the Linkin Park song "In the End" is spoken in separate words and in short phrases by the heroes of such feature films and animated films as The Godfather, Avatar, The Lion King, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, etc. You can find the full list of films below. 1 - “Big”, 1988 2 - “The Lion King”, 1994 3 - “The Dark Knight”, 2008 4 - “Inglourious Basterds”, 2009 5 - “Student Team”, 1998 6 - “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”, 2008 7 - Save Life, 2009 8 - The Black Hole, 1999 9 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998 10 - Lilo & Stitch, 2002 11 - Alice in Wonderland, 2010 12 - Aliens on the district ”, 2011 13 -“ The Chronicles of Riddick ”, 2004 14 -“ Clerks 2 ”, 2006 15 -“ On the crest of a wave ”, 2015 16 -“ Double KOPets ”, 2010 17 -“ Pulp Fiction ”, 1994 18 -“ Mask Zorro ", 1998 19 -" Avatar ", 2009 20 -" The best shooter ", 1986 21 -" Four rooms ", 1995 22 -" Saw 5 ", 2008 23 -" City of heroes ", 2014 24 -" Indiana Jones: В poi kah of the lost ark ”, 1981 25 -“ Space cowboys ”, 2000 26 -“ Catch me if you can ”, 2002 27 -“ The Beginning ”, 2010 28 -“ The Departed ”, 2006 29 -“ The Mummy is back ”, 2001 30 -“ Eyes Wide Shut ”, 1999 31 -“ The Incredible Life of Walter Mitti ”, 2013 32 -“ Pinocchio ”, 1940 33 -“ Die Hard ”, 1988 34 -“ TV Host ”, 2004 35 -“ A Little Pregnant ”, 2007 36 -“ Blade ", 1998 37 -" Jurassic Park ", 1993 38 -" Lego.

13 Best AMC TV Series

Again, face the choice - which series to start watching? Before the new series of "Game of Thrones" (if you are watching this series, of course) - a whole week that you need to take something? Tired of Netflix and HBO projects, and want something new? Our today's selection contains 13 of the most interesting AMC series. Did you hear something about this company, but don’t know what kind of projects it produced and shot?

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23 films about psychos and schizophrenics

The human psyche is a mysterious thing, and it is not known which skeletons in the closet are stored in the brain of the person next to us. We have put together the best films about psychos and schizophrenics, some of which are based on real events. Split 2017 Genre: thriller, horror Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.3 Disease: multiple personality disorder According to the director of the picture M.

Anne Hathaway in the movie “Witches” by Robert Zemeckis

Not so long ago, in the American magazine "Varity" it was published that the famous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway will take part in the filming of "The Witches" by Robert Zemeckis, an American director, producer and screenwriter. The film will be called "Witches", and the actress will play the role of the Great Supreme Witch.

Reloading HellRaiser with David Goyer

The film company Spyglass Media Group decided to release a remake of the film HellRaiser, the release date is set for 2020, the shooting will begin in 2019, the actors are unknown, the classic story will be finalized, it remains to wait for the trailer. The painting "Hellraiser" came out back in 1987 and immediately became a classic of horror films.

10 spectacular TV series that will long drive away sleep

A good series is the one you watch hard, although after each series you promise yourself to close the tab and do some useful things. There is nothing nicer than to get carried away by the story unfolding on the monitor, forgetting about everything else, including even your own duties or the need for sleep.

Goalkeeper of the galaxy

Want to see football at tremendous speed? But what if the match takes place on a spaceship, and the Gods begin to play in the spaceball? Imagine cyber-Moscow after global changes: there is no light in the houses, but production is stopped. Due to the intergalactic war, the Earth’s satellite was destroyed, and both poles of the planet are displaced.

Strange City - a fantastic series like the Black Mirror

Not a single series and film has been shot about the world with a clear division into rich and poor, without a middle class. However, what will it look like if you imagine that such a division will be in the future with advanced technological progress? As can be seen from the trailer for the series “Strange City” (release date is February 2019), the main actors tried to convey an atmosphere that, according to the laws of the genre, should be dystopian, but came out more like a satire.

Ninth - a new thriller about investigations and mysticism

Not so often Russian filmmakers take up the production of mystical thrillers, but if they get down to business, they promise to create something really worthwhile. This happened with the film "Ninth" (2019), the release date, the actors and plot of which were announced, and the trailer has already been released. Rating of expectations for the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 93%.

A bunny of average prosperity: as a public in 17 posts gathered 16,000 readers

Against the background of memes with the phrase of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which he accidentally dropped in the Crimea (there is no money, but you hold on, all the best), a simple public with a hare is gaining popularity on the social network VKontakte. There are only 17 posts in the group, but almost under each of them - 4000-5000 likes. And the number of subscribers is more than 16 thousand.

Disney Dumbo Fails

Not so long ago, the 2019 Dambo movie was released, box office receipts do not bode well. For the first weekend, the game version of Tim Burton raised only $ 116 million in the world, while it spent $ 170 million. Analysts initially suggested that the movie would collect a little more than 50 million in America, which would be the worst fees from all Disney remakes, but this did not happen - she managed to earn only 45.

Asterix and the Secret Potion (Astérix: Le secret de la potion magique)

Great and mighty Gallic warriors return to the cinema screens again! The cartoon Asterix and the Secret Potion (2018) promises to present even more exciting adventures, exciting adventures and a dynamic storyline. Asterix and Obelix again set off on long and dangerous journeys, where a sea of ​​surprises and amazing events awaits them on their way.

Hackers leaked the latest Sherlock episode a day before the official premiere

The official launch of the last episode of the fourth season of “Sherlock” should take place on the night of January 15-16. However, Russians can find out how the epic with Sherlock and Watson ended without waiting for the official premiere - unknown hackers poured the final episode of the series in Channel One into one of the cloud services.